Saturday, 19 February 2011

Red Dead Redemption nearly finished

The past 3 days i've been playing this game non-stop. That's mainly because it's the best damn game i've ever played, i'm serious. I think Rockstar have really outdone themselves here, the attention to detail, the animals, the missions (which are all replayable), the guns! Seriously, this Wild West feel is ten times better than the worn out city feel of Liberty City. I'm not saying i dislike GTA, i love GTA, i just think this outshines it by a mile.

I've progressed from New Austin, to Mexico, to West Elizabeth throughout this game. I'm fairly sure i spent half of today just shooting bears in the face with my Buffalo Rifle anyway. I got a trophy for that! I think i have just over 90 trophies now anyway! I love mucking about on Red Dead too. I spent half an hour just lassoing people off of their horses and dragging them around, face in the dirt, for half a mile till thy died. Something within that sick and twisted frenzy of lassoing made me laugh. Probably when an old man i dragged along got eaten by wolves.

Anyway, i killed Bill Williamson who was terrorizing practically the whole of America. That felt pretty good too. Dutch Van Da Lind commited suicide by jumping of a snowy cliff too. You probably don't know what i'm talking about. But, all you need to know, is that this game is awesome and i hope there will be some sort of sequel in the future.

I'm so going to buy Undead Nightmare soon! Zombies!

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