Monday, 21 February 2011

Red Dead Redemption - Completed 100% - PS3

Yes, my western adventure has come to an end. I finished the storyline yesterday and spent today getting the last 10% i needed to get the full 100%. Doing so rewarded me with loads of trophies, one even being a gold!
I bought all the horses, did every mission and side mission, collected every outfit, killed every bounty, got all the weapons, did every challenge and a load of other stuff. This game is immense, if you haven't got it buy it, i don't care if you don't want it, or even remotely like it, buy it, and you will love it! It's one of the most scenic gems on the PS3 as well, whether your standing on top of a mountain looking across New Austin or your on the rooftop of a saloon in Mexico the game looks awesome! I've heard so many people say that it's just GTA with horses... well technically it is... but hey! It's absolutely epic!

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Blake said...

With the game 100% complete, what do you have left to platinum the game?