Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Progressing through GTA IV

I've been playing a fair bit more of GTA IV so far this week. I'm just over 35% through the game. Some major storyline twists have happened too... like my 'Girlfriend Michelle' is actually called Karen and is an undercover cop and confisicated some cocain i stole. I've been mucking about a lot, getting into gun-fights with cops and pushing people off piers and all of the other crazy things you can do in Grand Theft Auto games! What i like, is the fact that the game is proper hilarious! 9/10 missions have some line that will make you laugh out loud. Most of these come from Roman, Niko's dumb, fat, gambling cousin.

Been playing some Minecraft Beta too. It would take to long to talk about Minecraft, so, i'll just say i'm building a mine cart railway at the moment.

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DJPimpDaddy said...

Totally agree. I can't blog about Minecraft because, like the game, my time would disappear. That game has a way of sucking you in and speeding up time in the real world lol.

Great if you have free time!