Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Gangs, Money and Gun on GTA IV

I've progressed a lot on this game in the past couple of weeks, doing such missions as robbing a bank and escaping whilst gunning down dozens of police officers (this earned me 250k!). I did a mission where i chased a gang member through an apartment block filled with his fellow gunmen and shot him off the edge of the roof. I raided a gang hideout and stole a load of cash, rescued Roman from being killed and blew up a helicopter. This game is brilliant, seriously. It's just the humor, the gameplay, the graphics, it's all perfect. I know i keep saying this, but it is!

You can just scale the tallest building in LC in a helicopter, jump out and RPG people off the edge of the roof. You can go into Internet cafes as well which is cool. There are loads of websites, most of which include sexual innuendos and funny jokes etc. I've bought loads of clothes as well. I like suits so i have a lot of them. I look pretty damn cool stealing a police car and killing 20 people in a massive car explosion chain-reaction in a Perseus suit. Boo Yah!

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