Tuesday, 22 February 2011

PSN Store - Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack - PS3

I went to Gamestation today and bought a £20 PSN Store voucher card! I bought it because I wanted to purchase the RDR: Undead Nightmare Pack released last year. I wasn't too bothered about getting the other 2 multiplayer packs so i didn't. The Undead Nightmare pack is a, much smaller, new singleplayer storyline where a strange disease spreads across the frontier turning everybody into zombies... Awesome, i love zombies... metaphorically speaking of course!

Well, so far, all i can say is it's bloody awesome (literally) and very scary! You start off at your ranch where John Marston's wife and kid get bitten by 'Uncle' who comes home in the middle of a storm covered in blood, obviously a zombie. You have to shoot him in the head and then hogtie Abigail and Jack to stop them from biting you. Then You got to Blackwater and from there you discover that the whole frontier is infected and, presumably, even parts of Mexico.

So far, i don't have a lot of ammo but I'm beginning to find more in chests in towns that I've cleansed from the undead. You help survivors in these towns buy giving them ammo and thus, it becomes easier to cleanse the said towns. The only way to kill the undead is to burn them... or send a bullet to their brain. You get extra slow-motion dead eye in Undead Nightmare to help kill the zombie hordes as well. Practically every 2 minutes you'll come across little clusters of the undead that will amble after you. You can search their corpses when you've killed them for ammo, but you never get much and you don't get it very often. There are also a few mythical creatures too. I've already killed 5 Sasquatches, which, in case you didn't know, is another name for the infamous Bigfoot. The 4 horses of the apocalypse also make an appearance in this game: Death, War, Famine and Pestilence. Apparently, each are breakable and can be ridden. I think i came across Famine in Tall Trees but it ran off after i shot an Undead Cougar in the head.

Anyway, this game is just as kick-ass awesome as Red Dead Redemption and I'm really gonna enjoy playing this.

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