Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 1)

I've decided to make a small blog series of blog posts about my goings on in Oblivion for the PS3!
I'm really enjoying this game and I've done some crazy things so far, so i thought I'd better share some stuff...

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours in Oblivion - PS3


So far in this game, I'm a Level 4 Imperial and i have a good stockpile of weaponry including full Steel Armour, a Steel Longsword, a Silver Claymore, a Steel Shield and a couple of hundred Iron Arrows to fire from my Steel Bow.
I'm finding it pretty tricky to kill more than one opponent at a time, but I'm definitely getting better at it!

I joined the Dark Brotherhood, a secret organization that gives its followers contracts in which they must kill people to earn rewards. After bludgeoning a random lion thing to death with an Iron Mace for no apparent reason, i slept in a bedroll and was awoken by a speaker by the said Dark Brotherhood. He told me i could join the Brotherhood after killing a certain old man that had been living in a Tavern for ages... I went to the Tavern and lopped of the old man's head... it was so satisfying!

Being part of the Brotherhood i was given certain tasks from its headquarters in a town called Cheydinhal. A resent task had me infiltrate the Imperial City's prison via the sewers a good 10 minute walk away. I successfully made it in... but was caught by several prison guards. My task was to kill a specific prisoner. I quickly opened his cell stabbed him a couple of times then was chased for a good 20 minutes by a single Imperial Guard back to Cheydinhal. Basically, he followed me through the sewers into the daylight across several hills meeting countless bandits along the way. He never gave up! I eventually made it back to the Brotherhood HQ and got an extra bonus reward for not killing any prison guards... even though i wanted to!

This game i pretty damn good! I've signed up to be in the Fighters Guild where you do similar stuff from the Brotherhood but instead of killing people, you help them out and fight off monsters etc.

I've also been arrested on countless occasions for nicking things under people noses and pickpocketing as well. It's so annoying! Just when you think you've got an awesome new item, a guard comes up to you, arrests you and the item's gone! That's why i need to improve my Sneak skill!

This game is shaping out to be very fun to play, like Fallout, but i cannot help but feel like it's much more open. I cannot wait till the next one comes out in November!

More on my endeavours in Oblivion next time!...

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