Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 4)

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3


I bought a new house in the Waterfront District in the Imperial City! Luckily, this one isn't haunted. I went to the small walled garden at midnight that was just across the street and found members of the Thieves Guild having a meeting. It turns out, two other possible recruits and myself had to have a competition to see who could steal some guy's diary and get back first to join the Thieves Guild. I won and immediately burgled 2 houses in the same area and sold the stolen goods for 50+ gold. Then i had to do a special quest and get back the tax money that the Imperial City government had collected from a guard infested tower. Somehow i got past them, and managed to sneak into the Legion Head Guard's room and nick the money along with lots of other goodies!

After a hard days... thieving... i slept in my new house...

I woke up. Got confused. A message appeared on the screen... i read it through... i read it through again... i screamed. I had got bitten by a Vampire whilst i was sleeping! I got some advantages like 100% immunity to disease and paralysis. But... after 3 days i would become a real vampire and lose energy when i came into contact with sunlight... i didn't want that to happen so i headed over to the Temple District. I entered the big temple in the middle and spoke to the only person inside. She said I'd have to ask some guy in the Arcane University. I did so... he said i had to ask the Count Of Skingrad. I did so... he said i had to find some witch along some river to find the cure... i did so... she said i had to get 5 Grand Soul Gems to learn the cure... i can only legitimately find 3... Damn it!

Well, i guess it's Vampire for a while... unless i can find those damned Soul Gems!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I beat every single combatant in the Imperial City's Arena and became Grand Champion! That got me like 5k in gold pieces and was ultra fun! Now i can fight 1, 2 or 3 hard monsters in the arena every in-game week. Awesome! Enjoying this game so much!


DJPimpDaddy said...

Ha ha ha you got bit. Dude that quest to cure yourself suuuuuuuucks from what I heard.

I have gotten to the point in the game where I can afford buying all the houses in all the towns, but some of them have cost 25,000 gold!! You know what the sad part is, I still primarily still use the waterfront home. It fits my character so well. Coming and going at all times of the night heh heh.

Make sure you save all of those Sigal Stones! You'll thank me later.

Oliver.M said...

Lol, i've got 1 Sigil Stone so far and i've seen another 2 Oblivion gates on my travels. Currently in a place called Fort Blueblood and have collected loads of gold and Dwarven arrows, cuirass and gauntlets.

I'm gonna stick as a vampire because of the bonus attributes, but i still have to feed regularly. I have selected some guy in the Elven Gardens District to be my new vampire fodder every night! Fun game.