Friday, 4 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 3)

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3


I finally made it into Oblivion! The Daedra (evil spirits and enemies in the world of Oblivion) came through a portal into the mortal realm and attacked and took over a small town called Kvatch. I had to go through the portal into Oblivion and then close the portal which thus allowed entrance into the town.

Oblivion is like hell really. Like the Nether from Minecraft! It's all black and charred and there's lava instead of water and scary tall towers with scary monsters everywhere. Okay... it wasn't that scary. Anyway, this Kvatch soldier helped me until he got blown up by a weird mine type bomb. I nicked his armour for my collection in my haunted house (which i cleansed of ghosts... for now) and then entered the tower...
Here's where i'm thankful i had my bow and arrows on me! These weird mini tricerotops monsters came at me and it was easy enough to strike them down from afar with the bow and arrow. Then there were a few conjourers who summoned human-like devil creatures that spat fire at me. As soon as the conjourer dies the devil monsters vanish so i mauled them with my Silver Claymore and carried on!

Long story short, i managed to avoid death, close the portal and help take some of the town back. The next step is to take back the Castle Of Kvatch, but since i found the Late Emperor's secret, unknown heir in the local church, i carried on with the main story-line instead! Yeah, so now "Martin" the dead emperor's heir is safe in a large snowy fortress up north. Woot!

I managed to cleanse the whole Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Cheydinhal of traitors by slaying them with my sword! It was a task deemed neccesary by the head of the Black Hand who rules over the Dark Brotherhood. I picked up a few good weapons from that bloody battle too! For completing the said task i was rewarded with money and even my own red-eyed, black, evil horse... which bucks enemies to death with its hooves!

Yeah, this game's awesome and weird at the same time. There's so much stuff to do! I'm currently working on my Armourer skill so i can repair magical items. Sneak is also key to survival in this game and i'd do good to level it up!

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