Thursday, 24 February 2011

Add-on DLC on Fallout 3

I've started to play Fallout 3 again and I'm going through the added DLC packages i got with the Game Of The Year Edition. I've completed 'Mothership Zeta' awarding me with 2 Silver PSN trophies and a Gold as well! That brings my Gold Trophy total up to 4! Yay! Anyway, this DLC Quest involved first finding a space ship wreckage in the middle of the Capital Wasteland. I followed the Quest Marker and found it... the i was sucked up with a tractor beam into 'Mothership Zeta'! Basically, the whole mission involved killing like 2 hundred aliens whilst blowing up some generators and rescuing several people that had been stuck in cryo-chambers, frozen for centuries when Mothership Zeta first extracted them from the Earth's surface. It was very fun and amusing to hear the funny sounds of the aliens talking. It wasn't funny when I nearly died because of the stupid turret systems. The weapons on the ship were worth a minimum of like 200 caps and i even sold a Drone Cannon when i got off of the ship for 1.2k! Now that's serious money!

I'm now doing the 'Operation: Anchorage' DLC which follows a simulation of the fight between US and Chinese forces on the cliffs of Anchorage in the year 2070 or something like that! I just prefer shooting the heads off of the Chinese soldiers and plus, there's another Gold at the end of it for me!

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