Saturday 17 March 2012

Random break - I return to gaming!

I apologise for not posting for just over 2 weeks now. My family recently bought a new desktop PC which I have been trying out, I also had a weeks work experience at ABCOM - an IT company specialising in repairs, recycling and PC refurbishment. I spent the week transporting literally hundreds of computer, CRTs, printers etc. and removing viruses from computers. It was a great experience and something I have definitely learned a lot from. I shall now return to my gaming chair and continue playing Dragon Age: Origins which I started playing again only yesterday as I believe I didn't give it a fair chance the first time around. 

More from me tomorrow! I shall return to viewing all of my affiliate's blogs and leave some comments!


Chalgyr said...

Good to hear you're alive and kicking. I know what you mean though about needing some breaks. I think I am going to have to space out my posts a bit more over the coming month or so. Just between family, work, lots of games I'm trying to get through, time's a bit of an issue on my end as well right now.

Let me know what you think of Dragon Age: Origins. I loved the game, and not too long ago played through the Ultimate Edition on my 360 and plan to do a big write-up on it in the near future (though I had done a review of just the basic game some time ago right around the DA 2 release).

Looking forward to hearing more from you! Also, I need to get around to remembering to add you to my PS3 friend's list. I never think about it when I'm at home. Mine's Chalgyr if you are so inclined to add. Take it easy!

Oli said...

Yeah, sometimes you just gotta take a break lol, I'm thinking of blogging about DA and Batman AA soon - I added you earlier ;)

Chalgyr said...

Got the invite - thanks for the add. I always forget to add PS3 friends. Not sure why - just 'cause it's easier on Xbox live because I can do it online while I'm looking at the blogs and forums I guess. PSN needs better web integration for things like that and sending/checking messages.

Anyway - I still need to play both Batman games. I have them, but they're basically untouched by me at this point. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on any and all of it. Take it easy man. :)