Saturday 26 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 7)

After a brief break from Oblivion, i've returned to continue along with the great quests and explore the massive world. I spent most of today finishing off older quests i never payed any attention to.

One of these quests involved me reuniting some long lost twins and then going to their long abandoned ancestrial home and killing 3 ogres that had taken it over. I killed the first 2, but the last one wandered off!
So, i spent the next 10 minutes searching the Great Forest for it in vain... until i went back to the cottage and found it running at me from the north. Anyway, so, i killed it and then i got 300 gold coins for doing the whole thing. Another quest had me sneaking into a town guard captain's private quarters and searching for clues on why he was raising the taxes so high. Turns out he was using the money to give to his cousins. I got him a couple of years in the castle's dungeons for that!

This game's so fun, very glitchy but very fun as well. I still haven't got enough Grand Soul Gems to complete vampire cure quest. I need one more EMPTY Grand Soul Gem and even then i have to collect the right ingredients according to the Elder Scrolls Wiki. Meh', hopefully i'll find one soon.

Thursday 24 February 2011

Add-on DLC on Fallout 3

I've started to play Fallout 3 again and I'm going through the added DLC packages i got with the Game Of The Year Edition. I've completed 'Mothership Zeta' awarding me with 2 Silver PSN trophies and a Gold as well! That brings my Gold Trophy total up to 4! Yay! Anyway, this DLC Quest involved first finding a space ship wreckage in the middle of the Capital Wasteland. I followed the Quest Marker and found it... the i was sucked up with a tractor beam into 'Mothership Zeta'! Basically, the whole mission involved killing like 2 hundred aliens whilst blowing up some generators and rescuing several people that had been stuck in cryo-chambers, frozen for centuries when Mothership Zeta first extracted them from the Earth's surface. It was very fun and amusing to hear the funny sounds of the aliens talking. It wasn't funny when I nearly died because of the stupid turret systems. The weapons on the ship were worth a minimum of like 200 caps and i even sold a Drone Cannon when i got off of the ship for 1.2k! Now that's serious money!

I'm now doing the 'Operation: Anchorage' DLC which follows a simulation of the fight between US and Chinese forces on the cliffs of Anchorage in the year 2070 or something like that! I just prefer shooting the heads off of the Chinese soldiers and plus, there's another Gold at the end of it for me!

Gamingheap Special - Slaying The Undead in... Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare - PS3 (Part1)

Gamingheap Special -
Slaying The Undead in...
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare


Yeah, big title, i know! It's that time again where I make a small compilation of what I'm doing in a certain game. The last one was Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - PS3, (which isn't finished yet!) and now it's Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare!

You should know by now that Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is filled with blood-sucking zombies that roam the entire frontier. If you don't, read this.

Yesterday, i cleared about 4 or 5 more towns from being overun by zombies. Because of the limited amount of ammo in this game, you can give some to any survivors and in turn the zombie hordes will lessen a tiny bit. I spent most of yesterday going around shooting them in the head while on horse back or burning them with my torch on foot. But, the best thing that i did yesterday was break one of the legendary horses of apocalypse! I kinda just walked around the road near to this mine and then the brief said a legendary mythical creature had entered the area. When i saw a horse covered in flames i knew it was 'War'. After breaking it i realised that everything living it touches bursts into flames. Pretty sweet! I still need to break 'Death', 'Famine' and 'Pestilence' as well though.

There are lots of different zombie types. Some of them are big and fat and charge at you from long distances, knocking you to the floor. And others are ultra fast and run at you on all fours. It's actually pretty scary when there's like 20 zombies coming at you and you have limited ammo that you don't want to waste.

Tuesday 22 February 2011

PSN Store - Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack - PS3

I went to Gamestation today and bought a £20 PSN Store voucher card! I bought it because I wanted to purchase the RDR: Undead Nightmare Pack released last year. I wasn't too bothered about getting the other 2 multiplayer packs so i didn't. The Undead Nightmare pack is a, much smaller, new singleplayer storyline where a strange disease spreads across the frontier turning everybody into zombies... Awesome, i love zombies... metaphorically speaking of course!

Well, so far, all i can say is it's bloody awesome (literally) and very scary! You start off at your ranch where John Marston's wife and kid get bitten by 'Uncle' who comes home in the middle of a storm covered in blood, obviously a zombie. You have to shoot him in the head and then hogtie Abigail and Jack to stop them from biting you. Then You got to Blackwater and from there you discover that the whole frontier is infected and, presumably, even parts of Mexico.

So far, i don't have a lot of ammo but I'm beginning to find more in chests in towns that I've cleansed from the undead. You help survivors in these towns buy giving them ammo and thus, it becomes easier to cleanse the said towns. The only way to kill the undead is to burn them... or send a bullet to their brain. You get extra slow-motion dead eye in Undead Nightmare to help kill the zombie hordes as well. Practically every 2 minutes you'll come across little clusters of the undead that will amble after you. You can search their corpses when you've killed them for ammo, but you never get much and you don't get it very often. There are also a few mythical creatures too. I've already killed 5 Sasquatches, which, in case you didn't know, is another name for the infamous Bigfoot. The 4 horses of the apocalypse also make an appearance in this game: Death, War, Famine and Pestilence. Apparently, each are breakable and can be ridden. I think i came across Famine in Tall Trees but it ran off after i shot an Undead Cougar in the head.

Anyway, this game is just as kick-ass awesome as Red Dead Redemption and I'm really gonna enjoy playing this.

Monday 21 February 2011

Red Dead Redemption - Completed 100% - PS3

Yes, my western adventure has come to an end. I finished the storyline yesterday and spent today getting the last 10% i needed to get the full 100%. Doing so rewarded me with loads of trophies, one even being a gold!
I bought all the horses, did every mission and side mission, collected every outfit, killed every bounty, got all the weapons, did every challenge and a load of other stuff. This game is immense, if you haven't got it buy it, i don't care if you don't want it, or even remotely like it, buy it, and you will love it! It's one of the most scenic gems on the PS3 as well, whether your standing on top of a mountain looking across New Austin or your on the rooftop of a saloon in Mexico the game looks awesome! I've heard so many people say that it's just GTA with horses... well technically it is... but hey! It's absolutely epic!

Saturday 19 February 2011

Red Dead Redemption nearly finished

The past 3 days i've been playing this game non-stop. That's mainly because it's the best damn game i've ever played, i'm serious. I think Rockstar have really outdone themselves here, the attention to detail, the animals, the missions (which are all replayable), the guns! Seriously, this Wild West feel is ten times better than the worn out city feel of Liberty City. I'm not saying i dislike GTA, i love GTA, i just think this outshines it by a mile.

I've progressed from New Austin, to Mexico, to West Elizabeth throughout this game. I'm fairly sure i spent half of today just shooting bears in the face with my Buffalo Rifle anyway. I got a trophy for that! I think i have just over 90 trophies now anyway! I love mucking about on Red Dead too. I spent half an hour just lassoing people off of their horses and dragging them around, face in the dirt, for half a mile till thy died. Something within that sick and twisted frenzy of lassoing made me laugh. Probably when an old man i dragged along got eaten by wolves.

Anyway, i killed Bill Williamson who was terrorizing practically the whole of America. That felt pretty good too. Dutch Van Da Lind commited suicide by jumping of a snowy cliff too. You probably don't know what i'm talking about. But, all you need to know, is that this game is awesome and i hope there will be some sort of sequel in the future.

I'm so going to buy Undead Nightmare soon! Zombies!

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Gangs, Money and Gun on GTA IV

I've progressed a lot on this game in the past couple of weeks, doing such missions as robbing a bank and escaping whilst gunning down dozens of police officers (this earned me 250k!). I did a mission where i chased a gang member through an apartment block filled with his fellow gunmen and shot him off the edge of the roof. I raided a gang hideout and stole a load of cash, rescued Roman from being killed and blew up a helicopter. This game is brilliant, seriously. It's just the humor, the gameplay, the graphics, it's all perfect. I know i keep saying this, but it is!

You can just scale the tallest building in LC in a helicopter, jump out and RPG people off the edge of the roof. You can go into Internet cafes as well which is cool. There are loads of websites, most of which include sexual innuendos and funny jokes etc. I've bought loads of clothes as well. I like suits so i have a lot of them. I look pretty damn cool stealing a police car and killing 20 people in a massive car explosion chain-reaction in a Perseus suit. Boo Yah!

Thursday 10 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 6)

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3


I successfully completed the final quest for the Gray Fox and finished all the quests for the Thieves Guild. The last quest "The Ultimate Heist", involved sneaking through the Imperial Sewers once again and infiltrating the Imperial Palace. It was rather hard when 5 Skeletons, a Zombie and a Rat ambushed me in a very small tunnel, I had a load of Health Potions so i healed myself quicker.

I got several magical weapons, so many that i had to wait 48 hours so that my Vampirism reached 100% and my strength increased so i could carry them all! I'm now level 14 and my sneak skill is level 46, and my armoury level 50. My Waterfront House has 3 chests in it fulled to the brim with clothes, weapons and books etc. I've adventured many caves now, with many treasures and tons of gold!

I'm going to continue with the Dark Brotherhood missions, the next which involves killing a very powerful vampire. My Claymore Of Flaming will sort him out, vampires are extremely weak to fire, which means I am too.

I've set foot in the Shivering Isles expansion pack world too. These strange creatures called Grumbits (I think that's what they're called) carry around bone maces and shields. They don't pack much in means of defense or attack. Not much to say at the moment, although it isn't too hard.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 5)

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3


Well. I've been climbing the ranks of the Thieves Guild for a few days now, and finally i'm about to begin the final quest "The Ultimate Heist", stealing one of the Elder Scrolls itself! I've slashed my way through blindfolded monk infested caves, zombie and vampire infested catacombs, the cellars of churches filled with ghosts, several castles all to now enter the Imperial City sewers once again and nick an Elder Scroll! Woot!

I'm level 12, very nearly level 13 and i just got my armourer skill high enough to repair magical items, which is really helpful. My sneak is creeping up at level 44. Those are the 2 i like to concentrate on with the exception of increasing my willpower and intelligence to boost my magicka. Being a vampire is tough as taking sun-damage when i haven't fed on human blood for a while is really irritating as you cannot fast travel. I've got a rather large collection of armours, wepons and general clothing and i am starting to collect books now.

This game is, to put it bluntly, amazing! It just blows my mind how big it is! I seriously cannot wait for the next one... now, on with the heist!

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Progressing through GTA IV

I've been playing a fair bit more of GTA IV so far this week. I'm just over 35% through the game. Some major storyline twists have happened too... like my 'Girlfriend Michelle' is actually called Karen and is an undercover cop and confisicated some cocain i stole. I've been mucking about a lot, getting into gun-fights with cops and pushing people off piers and all of the other crazy things you can do in Grand Theft Auto games! What i like, is the fact that the game is proper hilarious! 9/10 missions have some line that will make you laugh out loud. Most of these come from Roman, Niko's dumb, fat, gambling cousin.

Been playing some Minecraft Beta too. It would take to long to talk about Minecraft, so, i'll just say i'm building a mine cart railway at the moment.

Saturday 5 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 4)

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3


I bought a new house in the Waterfront District in the Imperial City! Luckily, this one isn't haunted. I went to the small walled garden at midnight that was just across the street and found members of the Thieves Guild having a meeting. It turns out, two other possible recruits and myself had to have a competition to see who could steal some guy's diary and get back first to join the Thieves Guild. I won and immediately burgled 2 houses in the same area and sold the stolen goods for 50+ gold. Then i had to do a special quest and get back the tax money that the Imperial City government had collected from a guard infested tower. Somehow i got past them, and managed to sneak into the Legion Head Guard's room and nick the money along with lots of other goodies!

After a hard days... thieving... i slept in my new house...

I woke up. Got confused. A message appeared on the screen... i read it through... i read it through again... i screamed. I had got bitten by a Vampire whilst i was sleeping! I got some advantages like 100% immunity to disease and paralysis. But... after 3 days i would become a real vampire and lose energy when i came into contact with sunlight... i didn't want that to happen so i headed over to the Temple District. I entered the big temple in the middle and spoke to the only person inside. She said I'd have to ask some guy in the Arcane University. I did so... he said i had to ask the Count Of Skingrad. I did so... he said i had to find some witch along some river to find the cure... i did so... she said i had to get 5 Grand Soul Gems to learn the cure... i can only legitimately find 3... Damn it!

Well, i guess it's Vampire for a while... unless i can find those damned Soul Gems!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I beat every single combatant in the Imperial City's Arena and became Grand Champion! That got me like 5k in gold pieces and was ultra fun! Now i can fight 1, 2 or 3 hard monsters in the arena every in-game week. Awesome! Enjoying this game so much!

Friday 4 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 3)

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3


I finally made it into Oblivion! The Daedra (evil spirits and enemies in the world of Oblivion) came through a portal into the mortal realm and attacked and took over a small town called Kvatch. I had to go through the portal into Oblivion and then close the portal which thus allowed entrance into the town.

Oblivion is like hell really. Like the Nether from Minecraft! It's all black and charred and there's lava instead of water and scary tall towers with scary monsters everywhere. Okay... it wasn't that scary. Anyway, this Kvatch soldier helped me until he got blown up by a weird mine type bomb. I nicked his armour for my collection in my haunted house (which i cleansed of ghosts... for now) and then entered the tower...
Here's where i'm thankful i had my bow and arrows on me! These weird mini tricerotops monsters came at me and it was easy enough to strike them down from afar with the bow and arrow. Then there were a few conjourers who summoned human-like devil creatures that spat fire at me. As soon as the conjourer dies the devil monsters vanish so i mauled them with my Silver Claymore and carried on!

Long story short, i managed to avoid death, close the portal and help take some of the town back. The next step is to take back the Castle Of Kvatch, but since i found the Late Emperor's secret, unknown heir in the local church, i carried on with the main story-line instead! Yeah, so now "Martin" the dead emperor's heir is safe in a large snowy fortress up north. Woot!

I managed to cleanse the whole Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Cheydinhal of traitors by slaying them with my sword! It was a task deemed neccesary by the head of the Black Hand who rules over the Dark Brotherhood. I picked up a few good weapons from that bloody battle too! For completing the said task i was rewarded with money and even my own red-eyed, black, evil horse... which bucks enemies to death with its hooves!

Yeah, this game's awesome and weird at the same time. There's so much stuff to do! I'm currently working on my Armourer skill so i can repair magical items. Sneak is also key to survival in this game and i'd do good to level it up!

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 2)

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3


Playing this game, i've noticed, it does take quite a while to level up. I've been playing it for a good 8 to 10 hours now and i've only leveled up 6 times! You have to increase specific skills, like Heavy Armour and Blade etc. to level up. I'm getting the hang of fighting now. I can take about 2 foes on my own, but i struggle with 3 or more. Longswords seem to do the trick because they're relatively fast compared to 2 handed Claymores.

The Dark Brotherhood made many more contracts for me... like going into a small fort filled with 5 or 6 heavily armed guards and placing some poison in a medicine cabinet... or when i had to kill a whole Pirate crew aboard their ship... or when i had to kill the retired head of the Imperial Legion while he was half-naked swimming in a lake... and finally having to "Purify" the Cheydinhal sanctuary by killing all of the Brotherhood members in there! Now that was hard! Especially when i had to go against a massive ogre with reinforced steel armour and a double handed battle-axe that spewed flames at me!

I'm trying to perfect my sneak skill so i can steal things from shops and pickpocket enemies and such easier. It will be helpful to get better equipment and more gold. Like DJPimpDaddy told me, if you get your sneak skill high, you can literally just pickpocket bosses for their stuff!

I even amassed a small fortune of 7500 gold pieces, 5000 of which i spent on an old battered manor which is haunted, so ghosts keep killing me in violent numbers! Only silver, magic and daedric weapons can kill ghosts. I only have 10 Silver Arrows and a Silver Claymore.

The scale of this game is pretty immense. There's countless quests, there's just SO many of them! It never ends. The game's map is enormous in itself, it sometimes takes me a good 10 to 15 minutes to get where i want to! There's nothing wrong with this though, i usually gain experience by fighting enemies on the way.
Today has been a good, long, hardcore session of Oblivion gaming... tomorrow probably will be too!

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours In Oblivion - PS3 (Part 1)

I've decided to make a small blog series of blog posts about my goings on in Oblivion for the PS3!
I'm really enjoying this game and I've done some crazy things so far, so i thought I'd better share some stuff...

Gamingheap Special - Endeavours in Oblivion - PS3


So far in this game, I'm a Level 4 Imperial and i have a good stockpile of weaponry including full Steel Armour, a Steel Longsword, a Silver Claymore, a Steel Shield and a couple of hundred Iron Arrows to fire from my Steel Bow.
I'm finding it pretty tricky to kill more than one opponent at a time, but I'm definitely getting better at it!

I joined the Dark Brotherhood, a secret organization that gives its followers contracts in which they must kill people to earn rewards. After bludgeoning a random lion thing to death with an Iron Mace for no apparent reason, i slept in a bedroll and was awoken by a speaker by the said Dark Brotherhood. He told me i could join the Brotherhood after killing a certain old man that had been living in a Tavern for ages... I went to the Tavern and lopped of the old man's head... it was so satisfying!

Being part of the Brotherhood i was given certain tasks from its headquarters in a town called Cheydinhal. A resent task had me infiltrate the Imperial City's prison via the sewers a good 10 minute walk away. I successfully made it in... but was caught by several prison guards. My task was to kill a specific prisoner. I quickly opened his cell stabbed him a couple of times then was chased for a good 20 minutes by a single Imperial Guard back to Cheydinhal. Basically, he followed me through the sewers into the daylight across several hills meeting countless bandits along the way. He never gave up! I eventually made it back to the Brotherhood HQ and got an extra bonus reward for not killing any prison guards... even though i wanted to!

This game i pretty damn good! I've signed up to be in the Fighters Guild where you do similar stuff from the Brotherhood but instead of killing people, you help them out and fight off monsters etc.

I've also been arrested on countless occasions for nicking things under people noses and pickpocketing as well. It's so annoying! Just when you think you've got an awesome new item, a guard comes up to you, arrests you and the item's gone! That's why i need to improve my Sneak skill!

This game is shaping out to be very fun to play, like Fallout, but i cannot help but feel like it's much more open. I cannot wait till the next one comes out in November!

More on my endeavours in Oblivion next time!...