Monday 22 November 2010

Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright

No... i'm not kidding... they are ACTUALLY contemplating making it...

I have no idea how it will run or anything... it's apparently going to be released for the 3DS sometime next year when it's released. I suppose it sounds pretty good - it certainly looks impressive in the trailer and could be a very good cross between two, already brilliant, game series. I find myself wanting to know more about it!

I'm still not sure where the 3D effect comes into the equation though. The artwork will certainly look amazing, especially the Professor Layton art!

Thursday 11 November 2010

Gamingheap Review - GoldenEye Wii

 Goldeneye 007  -  Gamingheap Review 

Yes, whilst everybody's going hypernova over Call Of Duty: Black Ops, i'm fiddling around with my Wii Remote gunning down evil masterminds and cronies in the pure Bond fashion!
Hopefully COD 7 will be spinning madly in my new PS3 after christmas, and then i can tell you about THAT!

But for now...

I bought GoldenEye Wii in "Curry's. Digital" for £29.99 which was much cheaper than the £35.99 rip-off they were advertising in "Game" and seeing as the shops are about 30 paces apart from each other it was a bargain!

My first impressions were that the box art looked a little bland - but certainly moody for the Bond series of games i suppose. When i started it up i was kinda surprised that i couldn't here the Bond theme song. Actually i've only heard it once so far whilst escaping a cargo boat and i'm in Chapter 6! Anyway i dived into the campaign and within a minute or two i was already subduing guards stationed around the dam i was meant to be infiltrating.

The first "awesome" moment was when i took out a sniper with a headshot and stole his thermal-scoped sniper rifle. Reinforcements arrived and it was pretty cool look down the thermal whilst picking them off one by one.

30 seconds later i'm in a truck with enemy Russians on both sides firing mounted MG's at me. Of course, in true Bond style i blew up a conveniently placed oil tanker, blowing them to smithereens... I also punched some guy that was trying to hi-jack the truck in the head causing him to fall backwards and slam into the wall of the next building!

That's enough of the Campaign though!

The online... doesn't LOOK that good. Sure it's got all of the different skins for enemies and the Maps look okay for the Wii. But i just cannot compare it to Call Of Duty 5: Waw for the Wii too. The screen is too jumpy and nothing fades to black - instead it just switches to the game in a flash - and you're left unprepared just as some nob with a shotgun takes off your head.
It's still cool though! There's a LOT of variance in the guns, you've got SMG's, Sniper Rifles, plenty of Pistols, a Revolver and even a Rocket-Launcher!

The only thing i'd say about this game is that you should only really play it if you've got internet connection for your Wii or have some friends to play Splitscreen with. I play with my brother and i'm usually Odd-Job who instead of grenades, throws his hat. I thought that was a nice touch!

I think it's definitely worth a look at, and seeing as it IS a remake of the much older Nintendo 64 version - it's all the better!

My Rating: 8/10