Wednesday 13 July 2011

L.A. Noire finished and other stuff

Wow! It's been over a month since I've done a post... again! Guess I'm just getting lazier and lazier!

Anyway, I managed to finish L.A. Noire which I bought a while back. It's a great game and I have to say, the storyline begins to get really good nearer the end. It is a detective game so it feels really good when you begin to link stuff together from earlier points in the game to later parts. There's plenty of dramatic irony near the end too and in the last few missions the storyline splits and you have to play as two characters (I won't spoil it!). The visuals on this game are the best I've ever seen for the PlayStation 3. The technology used to create the faces of characters is shockingly realistic and you can see each muscle flex as the characters speak each word. It's very realistic. Car and on-foot chase scenes are very dramatic with each movement of the joystick threatening to smash you into a tree or another vehicle. The interrogation scenes require quite a lot of focus as you try to work out if the person you're interviewing is lying or not. Some of these interrogation scenes are very vague and I actually ended up guessing on some parts, but the rest of the game keeps you occupied and this can be overlooked. Some parts of the game are actually quite disturbing as well... but this does show the realism of the game and real-life crime.
I really recommend buying this game. It looks amazing, the storyline is decent but gets better nearer the end and overall this game is revolutionary! Especially the facial technology. This is by far the best detective game I've ever played, if not the best on the PlayStation 3! If you like detective games, or just want something interesting and not just another standard FPS or button-masher, get this!


In other news... my Birthday is this Friday (15th July)! I hope to be receiving a 'Wireless Ghz Foldable Gaming Chair with built in Sub Woofer, Surround Sound Speakers and Adjustable Headrest'! This will replace the horrible wooden stool I'm sitting on right now. I also asked for all of the Assassin's Creeds as it is one of the few major series I have yet to play, along with The Orange Box which includes: Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 - Episode: 1, Half-Life 2 - Episode: 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2! Epic!

Finally, last Saturday I bought Bioshock for the PlayStation 3, in the wrapper at my school summer fate for £9. It's pretty damn awesome (and scary!) so far. I'll blog about that later on though.