Thursday 26 August 2010

Dragon Quest IX Game Guide In Development

I've been working on my DQIX game guide for a while now. My previous (and first ever) game guide for GTA: Chinatown Wars was 194 KB. I've just reached the second boss battle on my Dragon Quest IX guide and it's already 124 KB. I aim to include info on all of the weapons and armour, a completed bestiary, locations for all of the treasure chests within the storyline, a full basics section, FAQ and the completed Walkthrough.

I'd say it should be no more than 600 KB after that. I'm really enjoying the actual game though and have defeated my first grotto boss, Equinox.
My party are all level 31 now and i am now working my way through the massive volcano, The Magmaroo!
At the top lies Greygnarl. He's 300 years old and there's been no info that has actually pointed towards him being human so he could be a dragon of some sort. Anyway, the game's plot gets increasingly interesting which does make you want to finish it, but there is loads of other stuff to do like level grinding and grotto, treasure map hunting!

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Dragon Quest IX

                                                       Wow! This game is good! Really good!

I have to say, i've never played a Dragon Quest game in my life and now i'm ashamed of myself!
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies is an amazing RPG game, purposely full of content so it's impossible to finish it and get 100% completion! I won't go too much into the story but you're an angel and you lose your wings and halo and become a normal, mortal, human being. From then on you get 3 more party members which you can choose from the Stornway Inn then collect some equipment and begin your travels around the... err... world!

There are loads of monsters for you to battle. Some of them less serious than others. For example, the Cruelcumber is a hilarious little cucumber with a spear that jiggs and dances around when it's battling you.
Then there's the cyclopses that amble around with massive clubs and deal critical hits all of the time that kill your party members in one blow. Thankfully, there's more of the silly kind of monsters. My personally favourite are the first few monsters you meet in the game: The Slimes, Cruelcumber and the Teeny Sanguini.
The Teeny Sanguinies are fat bats that have cow patterned skin and apparentely only follow you because they want to play.

My party is a strong level 30 all around. The only problem being there are 3 warriors and 1 minstrel. No priests or mages to use their powerful magic. Meh' who needs them... i only want brute strength!

Every town seems to have a story behind it that you must solve in order to get a hefty reward. But, it's not all that easy... Bosses... lots of them... Lol, no, they're not really that hard! Basically, you just have to have a full party and a little luck and you're done. The annoying thing about this game is that i always seem to run out of money. I half solved the problem by slaying Gold Golems which give you 500 Gold per kill. But, it does take a while so i kinda gave up. The best way to level up i've found is to grind on hard monsters or find an area with lots of metal slimes (preferably Metal Medleys or Liquid Metal Slimes). They are extremely easy to defeat yet you get like 3000 EXP for 1 kill! The Liquid Metal Slimes actually give 10,000 EXP to each party member! Lol, as you can see i was pretty shocked at first.

Anyway, it's a great game and i'm actually kinda scared i'll finsih it soon! I better lay off it for a while... nah!

Saturday 21 August 2010

Dragon Quest IX and another game completed!

Yay! I have now got Dragon Quest IX! I'm actually typing this about 2 minutes after getting it. See, i heard a heavy fall on the doormat and my brother looked over and said, don't get your hopes up. Then i checked... a big brown parcel in the lovely familiar shape we all love.

Anyway, i've already started my second ever walkthrough on DQIX and i'm probably never gonna finish it!
The game's so big! I'll start playing it in a minute or two.

In other news....... I finished Metroid Prime 3: Corruption! I'm so happy, i've been working on that game for ages trying to get through it all. I eventually got stuck on finding the last energy cell i needed. But, that wasn't gonna stop me from eliminating the Phazon scourge! Yeah... so i headed over to the planet Phaaze, the final planet, made completely from phazon! Samus Aran goes into a phazon 100% corrupted mode and has to vent her energy tanks! Now she is stuck completely in hypermode. If the yellow bar fills up on the top of the screen Samus is dead. Easy! Not! Phaaze's atomosphere depletes her energy over time! Kill some metroids and you'll get your health back. Man, it was really hard. If you die once, it's back to the beginning!

I won't go into much detail, but you have to kill a leviathan infant! Then, battle Dark Samus and kill her when she merges with the aurora unit stolen from the S.S Valhalla... It was really cool!

Now, time for some Dragon Questing! Embarrassingly, this is my first ever Dragon Quest game...

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Hunting Spree

Over my summer holidays, so far, i have had a strange urge to play monster hunter tri non-stop!
I have leveled up over 10 levels to level 42. It's strange i also used to think my armour was so great until i found out you could get + armour sets.

Basically when you hit level 31, you reach the 'Elite Hunter Rank'. This means you can hunt + level monsters. For example, the Great Jaggi is the easiest boss in the game. Right now it takes me no longer than 2 minutes to kill it with a "wyvern sword 'flame'. (online is harder than offline. An offline Great Jaggi only takes 30 seconds to kill)" When i reached level 31, i checked out the new quests and went against a Great Jaggi + on my own... Bad idea. I didn't think it would be that hard! I abandoned quest and gathered some of my online friends to help me.

Since then i have obtained rathalos + armour which has 70 defense per piece. The best offline armour is Helios with 24 per piece! But, i'm rubbish compared to the legendary level 200+'s you rarely see online. They have full Alateron armour, the best in the game. Basically, it takes a long long time to get it!  have played on it for 180 hours and have enjoyed every bit of it... except the hard boss battles!

Anyway, if you haven't got Monster Hunter Tri yet, i can't explain anymore... Just get that game!

Monday 16 August 2010

GTA: Chinatown Wars Game Guide

I have been working on one of those online game guides you guys may have used in the past when you're really stuck on a game and don't know what to do next.

If you don't know what they are then i'll tell you...

Sometimes people really get stuck on a game and they have no idea what to do to continue and progress through the game. You can either find out what to do on your own, or cheat and lookup an online walkthrough! GameFAQs is full of brilliant user submitted guides to help people get through hard levels on games. You can write anything about the game, but the most helpful guides include a complete and in-depth walkthrough of how to complete the main storyline of the game.

I have been working on an in-depth walkthrough for GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS. I finished the walkthrough and uploaded it a couple of days back. It includes data on all of the cars, bikes and boats as well as a complete walkthrough, a basics section and a section on all of the oddjobs which you don't have to do to complete the storyline, but you do have to do them for a 100% completion rate. That much only took me 9 days!

What i do is i sit with my DS and play the game whilst typing up the walkthrough. I recommend doing it. It's really actually quite fun and it's another way to express my literacy skills. See... i'm very modest!

Here's the link:

Monday 2 August 2010


It was my birthday on the 15th and I turned 13!

Unfortunately, on his birthday, a couple of days before mine, my rabbit Buttons fell ill with a tumour that had re-grown, we decided he had a good 10 years of life and put him to sleep so he wasn't to endure any more pain. We we're all very upset.

It was a pretty good birthday as i when downstairs and saw a lot of presents waiting for me!
One of them, a large-ish sized package which i opened first...

A DSi XL! Yay! It came in the dark brown colour and i switched it on straight away.
The first thing i noticed was that the screens are... Massive! 93% bigger than my old DS Lite.
The dual cameras are still there - one on the front and one next to the mic. inside. The photo editing
software is amazing, and you can play around, morphing your friends faces and giving them mario hats
and so forth. There's an SD Card slot and you can exchange photo's from the SD card to the DS or vise versa.

The day after I went off with my twin brother and the rest of our youth group (TNT) to Spree! Spree is a massive event for young christians, like myself, where youth groups from all over come to Great Walstead. Great Walstead, luckily, is about a 10 minute drive from my house. It is a large private school with a massive field. This is where all of us (around 900 i think) pitch our tents. It lasted from late evening Friday to mid-afternoon Sunday. I slept with my brother and our friend, Lewis in the same tiny tent. When I woke up, i was hurting!
There was loads of activities such as football, basketball, unihock, rifleshooting, paintballing, lasershooting, quizes, movies, tug o' war, scavenger hunts and midnight walks!

When i got back i went downstairs and into the garden. My late rabbit's hutch was out... why? On further inspection, a small furry head popped up and stared at me, i smiled back. Tilly, my new rabbit (so soon!) had been at my house for less than a day as my parents had bought it for the family whilst Josh and I were at Spree. My sister seemed delighted (she was also delighted that we were out of the house for a weekend)!
Anyway... When I got back i had a lovely shower and dived straight into a GTA: Chinatown Wars which I also got for my birthday along with Warioware: DIY.

I won't go to far into it, but, all i can tell you is it's an amazing game! DIY is... well... a little confusing, but, all the same it's an interesting and amusing game aswell.

Today I ordered 'Advanced Wars: Dark Conflict' (Days Of Ruin) on the DS. I have heard so much about it and i have read about it in ONM. I have seen people recommend it countless times so i thought i might check it out!

I'm looking forward to playing it, sorry i haven't done a post for ages.