Saturday 3 March 2012

Demo Impressions: SSX (PS3)

Thought I might just post this quick. I tried out the demo about 3 hours ago and played it for a further 2! Yes, it was that addictive! Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that SSX is a famous snowboarding game that started its roots way back when the PlayStation 2 was taking its first baby-steps. The last game to be released was SSX Tour as far as I know which implemented snowboarding and skiing! Anyway, the newest addition was released on the 2nd March (28th February in Northern America) and is just simply called 'SSX' - like the first game (fairly confusing if you ask me, they could have come up with something a bit more imaginative).

SSX brings back the series to its raw awesomeness plus a whole lot more! The demo is limited and only allows you to race down one drop but the actual full game has 150 drops over 9 mountains making it the most content filled SSX game to date. The highlight is the online multiplayer where you can compete against friends in races, trick courses and more.

The demo allows you to play the first drop - 'Bulldog' - in trick mode. You basically have to score as many points as possible by doing unbelievable, physics-defying tricks. All of which look totally awesome! The controls are easy to use but can take a little getting used to. The right analog stick plays the lead roll and by manipulating it in different ways you can get your rider to do dozens, if not hundreds of different tricks. You can tweak them all with the R2 button and of course when your trick bar fills you can pull of 'Tricky' tricks or 'Uber-Tricky' tricks (Try saying that 3 times in a row, really really fast! I dare you!).

This game is awesome and for the 2 hours I played the demo I have decided I will definitely pick this up when it drops in price and I somehow get some spare cash!


Parko said...

Can't recall if I've played an SSX game, but I do think snowboard games are awesome. I spent way too many hours dominating 1080 Snowboarding on the N64 back in the day.

Hope this one does well!

Chalgyr said...

I haven't grabbed the demo yet, and probably won't pick it up right at release time. Just too many other games to deal with first, but I am curious how this one pans out. SSX Trickey was a favorite of ours on the PS2 - both with my friends and also with my family. It was the rare title I could play with both