Tuesday 26 April 2011

Platinum PSN Trophy - 1 (Fallout 3)

Yep, 92 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds was the time it took me to get all 50 non-DLC trophies and earn myself a Platinum! My first platinum! I'm so happy. That's 80% of Fallout 3's trophies completed as I haven;t got all of the DLC ones. 6 of the trophies needed for the Platinum forced me to start a new game and reach level 8, 14 and 20 with neutral or good karma levels. It took me 3 whole days of gaming to get to level 20!
Anyway, It was great fun and now I guess all I've got to do is get the DLC trophies and I'm done with this game. Shame, because it's such an amazing game. I've been decorating my Megaton house with guns, chems and other miscellaneous rubbish just like I did in Oblivion (except with swords!).

Here are my very own Fallout 3 statistics, straight from my Pip-Boy 3000!

Quests Completed:                                  47
Locations Discovered:                            140
People Killed:                                         593
Creatures Killed:                                   1026
Locks Picked:                                         254
Computers Hacked:                                  50
Stimpacks Taken:                                    754
Rad-X taken:                                             66
RadAway taken:                                      108
Chems Taken:                                          299
Times Addicted:                                         34
Mines Disarmed:                                        28
Speech Successes:                                     51
Pockets Picked:                                         27
Pants Exploded:                                           0
Books Read:                                              56
Bobbleheads Found:                                  20
Weapons Created:                                       5
People Mezzed:                                           4
Captives Rescued:                                       2
Sandman Kills:                                            6
Paralyzing Punches:                                     0
Robots Disabled:                                        0
Contracts Comnpleted:                               0
Corpses Eaten:                                           0
Mysterious Stranger Visits:                         27

Saturday 23 April 2011

TLOZ: Phantom Hourglass & Fallout 3 (Main Storyline) finished!

Yep, that's right 2 games completed! It feels so good when yoou finally complete a game you've been working on for a while. I beat Phantom Hourglass pretty easily, the last boss, Bellum, was too simple really and wasn't much of a challenge. I guess there's not much replay value on Phantom Hourglass apart from just getting a load of rupees. Anyway, it was a good game while it lasted. I'm thinking of purchasing Spirit Tracks soon.

Fallout 3 was a little harder because my game file had hit 12MB by the time I reached the final storyline mission. I have to say, I have honestly never seen a home console game lag as bad as that! But that may be because there were a couple dozen of Enclave Troops all shooting plasma weapons and there was a massive walking, talking robot annihilating everything on the path to the water purifier. Yeah... so, when I turned it on there was a movie clip where my character collapsed from over radiation and then, because I've got the Broken Steel DLC installed my guy woke up 2 weeks later in the BOS Citadel. Sweet! Now there's a load of new quests related to cavaraning purified water everywhere! This game rocks, and I'm definitely going to work towards the Platinum PSN trophy now!

Although PSN has been down for 3 frickin' days!!!

Monday 18 April 2011

Nearly finished Phantom Hourglass

If you've been reading this blog since December then you'll probably know I purchased Phantom Hourglass in Gamestop back then last year. I got a little confused and consequently stuck whilst near the end. But... yesterday I played it again and found my way past the bit I was stuck on... yay!

Anyway... I'm definitely near the end now and I am just about the retrieve the last pure metal, Aquarine, and forge the ultimate sword that will kill this evil boss guy. Yeah, so, I'm looking forward to kicking his ass. I've already got the hammer which practically kills everything in 1 hit from anywhere on the screen. This game is awesome, but the puzzley theme is starting to where off. I mean, every island is just a maze and you have to keep doing the same things over and over. You know, like throwing bombs and using the bow and arrow. It gets kinda samey. It's a very fun game though. Purchase this or its sequel, Spirit Tracks, if you haven't already.

Sunday 17 April 2011

Gamingheap Special - Vanquishing The Darkspawn in Dragon Age: Origins - PS3 (Part 2)

Gamingheap Special -
Vanquishing Darkspawn in Dragon Age Origins
- PS3


Continuing from my last post I've played just over 10 hours on this game and I am starting to get the hang of the controls and the feel of the game. I made my way to a small settlement which contained dozens of refugees that had made their way away from the approaching Darkspawn horde. I bought a plentiful supply of healing items and injury kits here, both at very high prices. I find selling armour and weapons I've found on my travels to be a good way to earn money. Also the chantry in the settlement had a quest board and I earned a good amount of money from doing the quests listed there.

I'm still finding it hard do defeat large groups of enemies, I've got the best armour I could find equipped to a 4 man party (well a 2 man party plus Morrigan the witch and my Mabari Hound Dog). I think I need to level up some more and stock up on healing items.

I also made it to this town called Redcliffe where every night an undead horde came to the town and cilled the townsfolk. The town militia and my party finished the undead off then I had to go into the castle. I found out that the Arl had been poisoned by a illegal blood mage that the lady of the castle had employed to train her son how to contain his new-found magical powers. Anyway... the boy was taken over by a demon and now I have to find a way to defeat the demon. That's about as far as I've got so far. All in all, I'm liking this game so far, but I think I may return to Oblivion for a while soon, who knows.

Friday 15 April 2011

Gamingheap Special - Vanquishing Darkspawn in Dragon Age: Origins - PS3 (Part 1)

Gamingheap Special -
Vanquishing Darkspawn in Dragon Age Origins


Well, I purchased this for £9.00 in Gamestar today. It's was quite a run down shop, but it has tons of preowned games and at really cheap prices it's a decent store.

So far it's actually a decent game. It plays like a normal RPG, leveling up by getting experience from enemies, you know... but the cool thing is you get to select the "Origin" of your character. Depending on what Race (Human, Elf or Dwarf) and Class (Warrior, Mage or Rogue) you chose for your character at the beginning, the game will determine how the story starts. As far as I know there is little difference in the story between the Race and Classes after you've started the game apart from various plot-line changes. Each Class allows you to obtain different skills to learn and master in combat. You can equip weapons and armour, use potions, talk to your party members and I even got my pet dog to lick me clean of blood after I killed some Giant Rats trespassing in the larder!
Yeah... anyway, my guy has this awesome beard I upped his strength stat so basically he looks really scary. Shame about the crappy armour you get at the beginning though. I'm going to save up for some better armour soon. I also made it into this forest where I was told to collect 3 vials of Darkspawn Blood and some enchanted treaty papers.
I've found that when I confront enemies in battles, there are quite a few enemies, usually around 8 or more so far. This proves to be quite a challenge which I enjoy in an RPG as it tests my skills.

I'm enjoying this game so far, although it doesn't seem to be anything too special. I'm looking more forward to TES V: Skyrim which comes out on November 11th... so does Minecraft!

Tuesday 12 April 2011

New design, premium Minecraft and more Fallout 3

The title sums up all of what I did today, except purchase Minecraft, I did that last week!

Those of you that view my blog almost daily will have seen it change its look lots from the beginning of yesterday to the end of today. I wanted to give it a new style and make it look cleaner, fresher and overall more inviting, like Rinns' blog here. Her posts always look so neat *jealous look*, no really.
Anyway, being serious, I'm gonna stick with the way it looks now, it looks pretty cool to me!

I also bought a premium account for Minecraft about a week back now and have been playing it ever since. I'd played Minecraft around a friend's house before and played Alpha a couple of times and it's really great fun. If you don't know what Minecraft is by now, you're probably living under a rock or something. Read this because I really cannot be bothered to explain again! Yeah, sorry about that, lol! Continuing, I've found tonnes of Gold in a nearby cave system, some Diamond, Redstone and even some Lapis Lazuli. I've also built a nice wooden house made with 450+ wooden blocks. I might post some screenshots soon. Down from the house is a small port that houses 4 boats. If I want to adventure overseas, that's the place to go! I tried playing MC online today but the lag was unbelievable!

The rest of the day was spent finding a Crutch, a Fission Battery, a Steam Gauge Assembly and a Pressure Cooker to build a Railway Rifle on Fallout 3. The crutch took me ages to find but I tracked one down in an abandoned building where an old man was sniping me... (Random, I know right! I hate old man snipers!).
The Fission Battery and the Steam Gauge Assembly I found in a Robotics Repair Centre and the Pressure Cooker I found in the kitchen-basement in a Super Mutant infested Police Station. Anyway, more to the point of the gun. It uses Railway Spikes you may so happen to stumble across in your adventures as ammunition and fires them at such speeds that they physically rip off limbs from your enemies and pin them to the wall. I found this out when I shot a lonely old lady in the head and her headless body dropped to the floor, consequently making me scream in surprise when I saw her wrinkley face staring at me 10ft away on the opposite wall of the house. *takes a deep breath*. Now that was frickin' awesome the first time I did that I tell you!

Monday 11 April 2011

Starting to like Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced - GBA

Bought this game last year in the USA at Gamestop, I played for an hour and didn't play it again until the end of last week. I switched on my old DS Lite and popped the familiar grey cartridge into the gaping hole in the bottom of the system itself.

Well, I started off from where I last saved, which confused me as I didn't know quite where that was exactly. Anyway, I named my clan, the Enix Clan after Square Enix who designed the game and indeed the whole of the FF series to date. It's basically like FFXII: Revenant Wings except there's a sort of board like map screen and you have to travel to towns to accept missions then travel to the area where the mission is set to complete it. I've completed 8 missions so far and you get quite a lot of Gil from each one which helps to update my clam members' equipment via the local stores. There's dozens of different 'Jobs' that clan members can take such as Ninja, Soldier and Fencer. Each job has corrosponding equipment specifications meaning that you cannot equip certain things. For example, an Archer uses a bow, but if a Warrior were to try and equip a bow, it wouldn't be able to. For each kill a clam member makes, they gain JP, which I think stands for Job Points, or maybe Judge Points, I can't remember.

Some missions allow you to send one clan member away to do a mission, sort of like in AC: Brotherhood when you can send one of your assassins to do a mission which will mean he's gone for a certain amount of minutes. In FFTA the clan member is gone for a certain number of days. Days can be passed by moving around the map board.

This game is pretty fun to play so far, even though I've played a lot like it. But hey, who doesn't like a good Final Fantasy game!?

Monday 4 April 2011

Making games and killing people on RDR

Ahh! What a wonderful combonation! I've just being doing that for the past 3 days. I've been really lazy and haven't done much else. I nearly lost 2 weeks worth of my game on my laptop when my lapto, then decided to shut it self down and then when I rebooted my map data was corrupted. It took me several minutes to work out that I had to move my map data into a new project then move a load of other files over. Anyway, it's working now and I have to say it's going pretty well! I create my own NPC sprites online with a special generator, then create facesets for their diologue with another downloadable generator. This way I can create new and unique characters without using the default pre-installed ones.

As you probably know, I finished Red Dead 100% a little while back and whilst I probably should be playing online or finishing Undead Nightmare, I just like killing everyone I see in single player! I like using throwing knives, I cannot explain how cool it looks.

Anyway, sorry for this unprofessional, slightly boring rant, I had noting else to post about, so I'm just typing up what's in my mind right now!