Saturday 25 September 2010

Maple Story!

Yay! I finally downloaded Maple Story! It took like 1 hour 45 mins to successfully install it and so-on, but i got there in the end!

Basically, Maple Story is a side-scrolling MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). If you haven't heard of it, then your obviously living under a rock! It is the second best MMO in the world next to World Of Warcraft and the best thing is... it's FREE! over 90 million people play it from around the globe. It's in a 2D side-scrolling format based on a host server download. It seems to have a few compatibility issues with Vista but i got there because i kept loading it over and over!

It's actually REALLY good! This is coming from an (embarrisingly) old Runescaper. Its graphics are 2D which isn't too unique to the MMO world but Maple Story as some, somewhat, crisp and nice visuals which suit the feel of the game perfectly with the small chibi style characters. You go around talking to NPC's and accepting quests which you can do on your own or with other players and level up in the process. You can pick up items dropped from monsters that you've defeated and obtain money to buy new weapons etc.
It's all your average RPG with better visuals, better gameplay and some awesome LOL! moments.

I haven't played it for that long... ya know... like 4 hours+... but it is AWESOME! It's gonna last me a while too, there's 200 levels to grind for the warrior class which i chose and there are like 4 or 5 other classes to grind so i make that like 50 years for someone to complete the whole thing... let's get started then!

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Legacy Boss Monster!

Dragon Quest IX again!

I managed to scrape by and complete a random quest that ended up giving me a treasure map called "Baramos Lv.1". I was just like, "meh', level 1! This is gonna be brutally easy!"... but i was wrong!

Turns out it was a legacy boss monster map. It has only 1 floor, the boss' floor. I have to admit i was a little bit intimidated by it, anyway i pressed a to speak to it and then the battle began against "Baramos."
Okay, let's think, i know i'll egg-on my best warrior and make him defend till he gets an 100 tension rate, the other 2 warriors can use falcon slash combined with their falcon blades to hit 4 times! Easy!
I managed to egg on my best warrior and hit a measly 100+ with my other two before Baramos came bounding down with Kafrizz taking off 130 from one of my warriors and a normal attack that evolved into a critical hit downing my best warrior in one with a 250+... Damn it! It's back to hunting for king metal slimes!

In other news, i've set up a poll on this blog and this week there is a tournament to see what the best nintendo series is... they'll be 5 rounds
and today is the first. Basically the winners from each round will go
head-to-head in the 5th and final round to see which the best nintendo
series is voted by viewers of the blog! Vote now before you forget!

No I didn't manage to kill Baramos... though i reckon i dealt a good 1000... he has 6000+ according to GameFAQs though!

Sunday 19 September 2010

Game Collection List

I made a new page called 'My Game Collection'. It should be on the top toolbar next to 'Home' check it out and you'll see all of the games i own, there age rating, when they were developed and who made them!

Check it out now, tell me if you own any of the more obscure game titles, i'll be interested to know!

Oh yeah and... Happy late birthday Mario!

Sunday 12 September 2010

Dragon Quest IX Done!

Yep, that's right i finished it at around 10am yesterday morning. The final boss battle was pretty hard and i actually played through the whole game without changing vocation... and with 1 Minstrel and 3 Warriors!

My party was level 45 all-around which was the recommended level that most people said was good for the final boss battle. I won't give it away though... i'm not mean like that!

Anyway, now i've got over 120 quests to complete along with the post story and when i finally find out how to connect ot the internet, some DLC quests to finish! Of course i've also got to beat all of the legacy boss monsters and level up to level 99 and revocate so that i'm level 1 again... but with the same stats so i can only go higher. In the end it took me a total of 42 hours to complete the main story-line... and it was definitely worth it!