Monday 31 January 2011

Changing site name and URL!

Okay, I have officially decided to change my blog's name to Gaming Heap as i play more than just Nintendo games. The URL will also change to

Just a quick update...

I've been playing tons of Fallout: New Vegas and have killed the guy who shot me in the head (you know... that guy?) with a machete which felt pretty good. I have my own presidential suite in an abandoned casino and have killed loads more people over the wasteland! Fun, fun, fun!

I haven't played anymore Oblivion, but i will definitely blog some more about it soon. It seems like a decent game and a bit more open than Fallout in terms of... killing things!

That's all for now.

Saturday 29 January 2011

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition - PS3

I went out to Gamestation and picked Oblivion up for £12.99. I was going to get it last week instead of Killzone 2 but didn't. At least I've got it now!

Bethesda Softworks have done it again! They made Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas after this, but this is a prime example of where their genius evolved from. It is still of the First Person Shooter type with the familiar Freeroam aspect. I'm not sure whether to actually call it an FPS though because you don't shoot in it. I'll call it that anyway!

The story will probably take me too long to explain here, but basically, You are a prisoner who has to help the Emperor from assassins. He then dies and gives you a special amulet to give to some guy who will give it to the only heir to the throne who will then become the new Emperor. Yeah, that's about it so far!

You can still search dead enemies for loot, and wear armour and equip weapons etc. like Fallout and you can still only carry a certain amount of items in your inventory before not being able to move. So far you have to fight a lot of enemies like Zombies, Skeletons and other Bandits. You can make your own potions to heal energy, recover Magicka or recover Fatigue. Magicka allows you to heal yourself or even use arcane magic like fire, water etc. to hurt foes.

I haven't played it for long, but it basically plays like Fallout which is a very, very, very good thing!

Friday 28 January 2011

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - PS3 Finished

Yes, i have finished Uncharted 2! It's taken me just under a week to do. I earned a Gold PSN trophy for doing it on Normal difficulty. The last level was fairly easy and basically just involved shooting some blue flammable sap to kill some crazed bald russian military guy called Lazaravec!

I'm will certainly go back and finish it on Hard difficulty for another Gold but that will be later. I'm going to concentrate on Fallout: New vegas for now!

Thursday 27 January 2011

Coming to the end of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - PS3

Well, it's been pretty immense playing this masterpiece. I'm 4 levels away from completing it (I found out online). In the last few hours playing through it, I have smashed a train through a trainyard wall, ran up another train whilst shooting down another Helicopter-Gunship, adventured through some ice caverns being threatened by weird humanoid beasts with purple dark hair and horns, taken down a tank in the middle of a small Tibetan village, fought off a good 60 to 70 soldiers with shotguns, assault-rifles, sniper rifle, pistols, revolvers and sniper-rifles in the middle of a ruined monastery and finally found the secret entrance to Shambala!

I probably going to finish it soon and claim my first Gold PSN trophy, i cannot wait to see the ending!

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Weekly Summary: 2 (25 January)

I bought 3 more games this week, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Killzone 2 and Fallout: New Vegas!
There all awesome and i only paid £42!

       Currently Playing...            Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - PS3

I've been playing a lot of this game, I'm about 18 levels in i think. It has been so fun, mainly because the action scenes look brilliant! There was this one level where you had to climb to the top of this hotel. Chloe, your friend gets stuck in an elevator and you have to plow through this hotel gunning down enemies and climbing out every now and then swinging on flagpoles to get to the next window. Eventually you make it to the top floor and fix some electric box which opens the elevator. After that you're chased across the rooftops by a helicopter-gunship until you finally hide inside a building... until the heli takes it out with some missiles. On that specific part, the building is shaking and you can just see it collide with the building next to it and you have to jump out of the window to survive - it was pretty epic!

I have also unlocked a fair few trophies 15 or 16 by now. Most of the require you to kill enemies in specific ways like killing 3 people with 1 grenade or kill 50 people with a certain gun.

The storyline is well thought out and is really interesting as you go along. There's a lot of sudden changes which confuse you (Chloe seems to double cross you a lot as well)! As the game continues the enemies get increasingly difficult and use better weapons, like going from an AK-47 to a Minigun!
The best part though, has to be the freerunning sections! Whether it be, jumping from ledges and hanging on for dear life to swinging from ropes or jumping from building just in the nick of time before they blow up. I also like them because they provide a bit of thought to the game. Rather than just button mashing, you'll find yourself constantly thinking of which way to go or where to jump next and moving the camera around a lot.

I think i'm pretty near to finishing this game as well - that makes me one step closer to getting my first Gold PSN trophy!

Currently Playing...              Killzone 2 - PS3

Killzone 2 is a pretty decent, very tricky, futuristic, First-Person-Shooter. The graphics, Like Uncharted 2, are immense and look incredible... especially when your watching a Helghast Soldier's head explode into an eye-ball strewn mess all over a nearby wall!

You can carry two weapons at any given time. One heavier weapon like a Sub-Machine Gun or a Rocket Launcher and one pistol which has unlimited ammo. The pistol is fairly powerful at close range but virtually useless from far away. To be honest, i don't like the campaign that much, i never really know what i'm supposed to be doing other than walking over a few bridges and shooting some enemy soldiers. I don't understand some parts of the storyline as i didn't play the first one, but i've been picking things up along the way.

The online mode is the grand thing about this game. You can have up to 32 players in one Warzone with loads of different game modes! Everytime one game mode finishes it continues to the next one until they've all been played and the team that one the most rounds wins! I'm not sure just about how many maps there are but it looks like there's quite a few as i've seen them listed between games. You can create squads with people and become squad mates working on individual tasks together (easier if you have a headset - i don't). You can choose which skin you character uses and even what badge to have.

I'm not enjoying this game as much as the others. It's okay, i'm glad i bought it cheap though!

Currently Playing...              Fallout: New Vegas - PS3

I've been playing a decent amount of Fallout: New Vegas. I persuaded to of my friends to get it as well so we talk about together a lot. I've set my difficulty settings to "Normal" difficulty, but it's also on Hardcore mode. This basically makes it harder to survive. Ammo also weighs you down on Hardcore mode so i have to only carry a few weapons at a time to have a decent stockpile of ammo. My main problem at the moment is not being able to get past these monsters called Deathclaws. They're bigger and faster than me and can kill me in 3 strikes. Their armour is inpenetrable to all of my weapons at the moment as well which makes things even harder!
I've been collecting a lot of valuable items across the Mojave Wastelands as well so i'm earning some more bottle caps to buy weaponry (bottle caps are the currency in Fallout games). Fallout: New Vegas is actually suprisingly scary. A number of times i've turned around to find a decaying ghoul (like a zombie) in my face ready to claw out my eyes. I've also turned around to find giant ants with their legs flailing around in my face! The scariest of them all is when you hear the loud thumping footsteps of Deathclaws behind you and you know that whatever you do, you're a dead man!

It's really fun so far although i haven't progressed far enough to tell you about the storyline... other than you got shot in the head at the beginning and now you are alive and trying to get revenge on the nobs that nearly killed you!

Currently Playing...          The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - DS

This game is fun, addictive, requires lots of though and all in all is pretty damn good! I've been playing since just before christmas on and off. I'm quite near the end now and i'm on my 4th (i think!) visit the Ocean King's Temple, who o found out is actually the old man Oshus. You probably have no idea what i'm talking about do you... well get the game and you'll soon find out!

You use the touch screen for everything in this game, movement, attacking, drawing on maps, activating stuff you name it! You get loads of items to use like the Boomerang, Bow and Arrow, Bombs, Shovel and a sword just to name a few!  There are 3 different attacks you can use with your sword. Jab, Slash and Spin Attack. You get dizzy after using the spin attack as you spin around in circles (obviously). Bombs blow up holes in walls and the Boomerang follows any path you draw on the screen! There's tons of enemies, and you collect Rupees from practically every single thing in the whole game that you can destroy! Rupees are the currency and when you find a store in land or a boat store out at sea you can use them to purchase things like extra bombs and ship parts.

When you want to travel to a new island you use the boat. You plot a route on the sea map on the touch screen which your boat follows. While this is happening enemies will try to attack the boat. You can use the cannon you get early on in the game to defeat them and collect rupees! Customizing your ship at the shipyard will give you an increase in health depending on how many pieces of ship parts of the same set you install (e.g. installing all ship parts from the Demon ship set collection will give you lots of hearts).

The story is amusing and the NPCs and enemies look kinda cute. The game has many puzzles which require you to think hard and jot things down on your map using the touch screen. For example in some parts you are told how to pull a specific sequence of switches, you can write this down on the touch screen map so you remember which order to pull them in.

This game is ultra fun and is really funny, even know it's old and you'll probably get Spirit Tracks instead i say still give this a shot, just for the amusement factor!

Oh yeah, and you can go fishing!

Currently Demo Download...              Apache Air Assault - PS3

DJPimpDaddy at persuaded me to download this demo. Check out his blog and follow it!

There were 3 missions to this demo, one of them being a tutorial mission. I took the tutorial first to learn the flying controls. It wasn't too hard. You just had to shoot some trucks and stuff. You get to try out the Hellfire Missiles which, although you don't get many of them, are really good and effective because they lock onto specific targets. You also get to use the normal Rockets which you manually aim and fire with. The other means of defeating the enemies is the machine gun on the side of the helicopter. You get thermal vision to detect enemies and then once again you manually fire the machine gun to kill them. The other 2 missions were much the same, just flying around shooting the waves of enemies. The graphics were nothing too special although the cut-scenes looked pretty good. Overall it was a pretty average demo. You have to fly through checkpoint markers most of the time. The fighting is pretty realistic. The only problem is the awkward controls!

I don't think Activision did too badly here, it was a fairly enjoyable expericence but i think i'll skip this one to be honest.


Gamplay is pretty fun +
Looks decent +
Realistic +
Controls awkward -

Monday 24 January 2011

Getting Trophies for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Killzone 2

I earned 10 bronze trophies to day in the space of just over 4 hours of hardcore gaming! I earned 6 for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and 4 for Killzone 2.

I thoroughly enjoying both games along with Fallout: New Vegas. New Vegas, is very hard as i have the difficulty to Normal an the addition of "Hardcore" mode which adds the disadvantages of dying from hunger, thirst and lack of sleep and making ammo weigh you down. This means i must carry only a small amount of ammo for each weapon, the less weapons i carry the more ammo i can carry for each. I only have 4% of the trophies for New Vegas though as most of them are unlocked through the story and all I've been doing is going around shooting people!

I now have 16% of the trophies for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The game isn't too hard but has hard bits in it. Just now i completed a mission where i had to climb up to a hotel which was later destroyed with me in it by a helicopter's missiles. Then i had to climb over to the next building and take down the enemy helicopter with a rocket launcher! It was awesome and looked absolutely incredible. The game is practically perfect apart from the odd glitch or two. I haven't tried online yet, but i think i will soon, there's trophies involved!

Killzone 2 is the hardest of the 3 new games i've bought. It's trophies are hard to get and the missions take several attempts to work out and kill the enemy Helghast troops. It looks brilliant and is very fun, i recommend it to anyone that likes FPSs. The online multiplayer is more fun than the campaign mode though. You can work as a team with up to 32 players in the Warzone! In each match there's a variety of different game modes including Body Count (Team Deathmatch), Assassination (Kill or defend a certain player) and Search and Destroy (attack or defend a target), etc.

These games rock and I suppose I'll try to finish these first before i pick up any new games...

Sunday 23 January 2011

Halfway through Red Dead Redemption! - PS3

Well, i've ridden over to Mexico aready and i'm nearly halfway through the whole game (around 48%)!

This game is really good, i really do recommned it to anyone who enjoys games like Grand Theft Auto. After all, it was made by the same developers! I've done some really cool stuff and seen some hilarious things!

I went back to finish the first oddjob i did the day i got the game and instead of giving him the things he needed, i accidently flattened him under my horse.  I've also unlocked a few avatar items for PS3 home by doing certain things on Red Dead. I've got 11% of the total trophies as well. Getting drunk is funny, drinking a few shots will make your movements nearly uncontrolable and after falling over you'll be laying on the floor for at least 10 seconds before you get up. Some of the characters are hilarious, like Seth and Irish (Yes, his name is Irish).

You can even go treasure hunting. I'm still hunting for the first treasure! You can play Poker, Blackjack, Liar's Dice, Five Finger Fillet and even hunt bounties! The guns are really cool as well, you unlock more as you go along the game. I use them to hunt wildlife and sell their skins and hides for money! Another fun thing to do is lasso people when no-one's looking and hogtie them to the back of your horse. Then you can take them where ever you like and do what you want with them!

If you haven't got this game... get it!

Saturday 22 January 2011

MORE - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Fallout: New Vegas, and Killzone 2 - PS3

I really have picked up a few good games this month, these 3 being the most recent. This post follows on from yesterday's.

MORE - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I really am enjoying this whole experience. The freerunning sections just blow my mind, i had to play the first level twice, just to get the full effect of the graphics in this masterpiece. Some of the gameplay and camera is so good it takes me a few seconds to realise I'm not watching a cutscene and i should be moving the main character, Drake.

I've gained 9% of the trophies already. A good lot of them are to do with the amount of kills you amount with certain weapons and another 7 or 8 are to do with how many treasures you collect. There are 100 of these hidden treasures to collect throughout the game. So far I'm missing about 8 or so, and I've collected a good 15. There are lots of hidden spots where you've got to rotate the camera to see where the treasures actually lie. You can view them from the Bonus menu by pressing Start. As far as i know you get money for finding them and it can be spent in the shop. Most of the items can only be purchased after certain points in the game though.

I'm playing through this game on Normal difficulty and seeing how tricky this game can be really does make me determined to finish it and collect the Gold trophy waiting for me at the end of it all. I've experienced using pistols, revolvers, assault rifles, grenades, tranquilizer guns and even riot shields whilst killing countless foes that get in my way.

I have few complaints, the only problems being a few occasional glitches and having key instruction pop-up for a second before disappearing, but other than that, this game is proving to be a very, very good one so far!

MORE - Fallout: New Vegas

I have now progressed a little way into this game now and i can see the improvements and countless additions from Fallout 3. The music, i've noticed is much more atmospheric and suits the current in-game situation well, it seems more, Violin-y, than the last game! I've also found that it is much easier to shoot without using the targeting system and just aming down your sights which is a massive improvement on the fairly irritating issues that ensued in the last Fallout game.

Early on, you have the option to play the game in Hardcore Mode. Basically, hardcore makes the game more realistic by adding a dehydration factor which means you will slowly lose energy and die if you don't drink a fluid. Hunger, which means you must eat to survive or you'll most definitely die of starvation and sleep deprivation which means you will die from not getting enough shut-eye! Also, ammo actually has a weight value whilst playing in Harcore mode so you will have to limit the amount of ammunition you do carry with you. The game seems harder overall as well.

To repair items you must find resources like Scrap Metal, Electronics and other miscellanous tools to help you and repair them at special workbenches you may come across in the wasteland. You can also cook your own food and make new edible items over camp fires with the right ingredients. The level system is still there with perks and skill points so you can increase skills like Lockpicking and Speech etc.

The game is fairly similar, but, much harder, cooler and twice the fun!

MORE - Killzone 2

I've played 2 whole levels on this game so far. It's a fairly standard First-Person-Shooter with a wide selection of guns and other wepons. It looks brilliant i have to say... again! I haven't been paying too much attention to the story, i've just been shooting the crap out of the enemies! The controls took a little while to get used to as i played Red Dead Redemption just before playing this and switching between R1 and R2 for the fire button is rather annoying (long story short, i kept lobbing grenades at the enemy instead of shooting at them).

In the last mission there was a lot of the enemy soldiers grouped up with RPGs and assault rifles so it was a tough level. I had to take out an Arc Lightning Tower which was taking out allied air support or whatever.
The battle scenery is pretty epic and when i was ordered to shoot the enemies out of a large flat building in the previous mission it exploded and when the rubble fell it really did look perfect, soldiers on fire toppling from the railing and bits of debris flying everywhere.

I haven't got too much to say about this game to be honest, as i haven't played too much of it. It certainly isn't as addictive as the other 2, but it was definitely still woth buying just to see the amazing special effects and graphics.

Friday 21 January 2011

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Killzone 2, and Fallout: New Vegas - PS3

I bought all of the above 3 PS3 games for £42 in Gamestation. I've been wanting all 3 for quite a while and they all stand out as being brilliant PS3 games.

- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves -

After playing the demo and being persuaded by a friend, i bought Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for £14.99 and it certainly does not fail to impress! It's absolutely stunning, the graphics are impeccable, easily some of the best for the PS3 by a long shot. The gameplay is fairly unique and very addictive, doubled in fun-factor by the amazing, dynamic camera angles that make the game more and more impressive as you go along.
I'm currently on level 3 and I've already earned 2 bronze trophies and 1 silver trophy for my PSN collection. The stealth is a key part of the game and seeing the diverse ways in which Drake (the main character) falls his enemies is amazing and sometimes make you look away only to hear a neck break or someone choking as they are strangled to death. The freerunning scenes are extravagant and well-done and fit the game perfectly. Everything seems in place so far, i hope to play much more of this game!

- Fallout: The Vegas -

This game, although fairly similar to its previous installment Fallout 3, is still just as good as ever. I bought it for £18.98. The graphics seem sharper, there's new items in the form of chems, weapons and much more. interesting new characters and you even still get your very own Pip-Boy 3000! I don't have too much to say about this one as I've only played about 10 minutes - i haven't even killed anything yet! I will post more tomorrow...

- Killzone 2 -

This is my first FPS for the PS3 and... Whoa! This game looks absolutely amazing! It's even better looking than Uncharted 2, no joke! It's hard to describe - you just have to look at it! All of the futuristic machinery and everything - it's immense! I've played the first level and it's insanely fun. Watching the blood spurt out of the enemies' heads is highly satisfying! In the first 20 minutes alone you get to fire machine guns, rifles, RPGs and even ride in a tank! The guns look good and fire realistically, everything seems sound so far. Not much to say other than that for the moment, more on these games tomorrow!

Thursday 20 January 2011

Gamingheap Review - Metroid Fusion

 Metroid Fusion   -  Gamingheap Review

I haven't spoken much about this game since i bought it in America so i thought i'd share a post about it.

The storyline basically follows Samus Aran after she is infected by an unknown new alien species called the "X". After being saved from near death after her suit has become badly damaged, parts had to be removed and she lost nearly all of her weaponry systems and powers. One good advantage is that she can now absorb the X and restore her health whilst doing so!
The X manage to take over the space craft and infect all 6 environment system zones. Then, Samus (aided by the help of on-board navigation systems) must stop the SA-X (a superior, exact clone of her, with all of her powers) before it destroys the whole space craft.

You begin the game with only your arm cannon at minimum power and the ability to duck, jump and shoot in all different directions. You have to make it to the central elevator, shooting many different enemies in pure Metroid style! Lots of the enemies in this game require certain methods to killing them instead of justing blasting them away. For example some may only be able to be killed if you blast them from the underside or hit them with several missiles.

After reaching the central elevator you have access to the first environmental zone - Sector 1. The game is a really fun sidescroller and it's suprising how much thought you have to put into the strategical parts of the game. That is actually one of the reasons i prefer it to Super Mario Bros. Later on you gain the ability to run twice as fast after running in a straight line for several seconds. This ability is used a lot to smash through various blocks and even enemies! Gradually you'll gain your powers back and fight bosses along the way which also require strategic thinking to defeat. You'll find various save rooms and recharge points along the way to keep you up and some rooms are even hidden and are usually stumbled on my accident.

The only few complaints i have is that the game takes a while to get used to. It takes a while to figure out that your meant to break a certain block or shoot a specific enemy with an ice missile. Also, jumping from ladders can be infuriating because if you press A before pressing the D-PAD you will fall instead of jump meaning you can lose lots of energy for one tiny mistake.

Otherwise, this game is brilliant and very fun. It's nice to see Metroid at its roots and a nice change to the FPS feel of things i'm used to.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Weekly Summary: 1 (18th January)

Wow! What a good start to the year!

We're nearly 3 weeks in and, as you know, i've bought 2 new games for the PS3 (Fallout 3 and GTA IV) and even downloaded some demos from the PSN Store!

Currently Playing...                                          Fallout 3
I've really been having fun on Fallout 3. I travelled to a small secluded area called "Evergreen Mills." It was there, that 30+ raiders were roaming about, they even had a gigantic Super Mutant Behemoth which they released onto me. My Scoped Magnum handled that VERY large threat easily - it's body now lies there, blood strewn over the ground. On further exploration through the Captial Wasteland i found various new enemies, including the Deathclaw (very large and scary monster with big claws), King Mirelurks (human like variation of the crab-like Mirelurks) and even Ghoul Reavers (a stronger variation of the Feral Ghouls that glows with radiation). It is SO fun, seriously, if you have never played Fallout, you should give it a go!
There's so much to type about it! All i'll say for now is that i'm beginning to collect all of the attire in the game. I have my own house and am keeping most of it all in one locker. This is actually a pretty hard task i've set myself because I may have to kill important people to get to the clothing in the first place.
The lock on system is great! Incase you've never seen it, basically, it pauses the game and zooms in on the selected target (friend or foe). From there you can select which body part you want to damage and the percentage next to it shows your chance of hitting it. Harming different body parts does different things to different enemies. For instance - shooting the head of a human will most likely kill it instantly and shooting the antennae of certain insects will make them frenzy about attacking there own kind.
There's so much to do, if you're bored you can just run about shooting anyone, or you can complete quests and earn rewards and XP so you can level up and increase your skills like lockpicking and sneaking. There's plenty of trophies to get as well, some harder than others.

I hope to complete the main storyline quests soon and perhaps purchase Fallout: New Vegas which carries on as far as i know!

Currently Playing...                                  Grand Theft Auto: IV

This game seriously blows my mind! How could anyone create such a masterpiece - you'll NEVER be bored playing this game because there is a never ending list of things to do. Right out at the beginning you are open to loads of fun things to do and it seems like after every mission after that you just keep on unlocking more places to go! You get a girlfriend - Michelle - a few missions in and you are introduced to bowling straight away. Doing enought missions for friends and family increases your friendship with them which in turn allows you to take them out with you and play Pool, Bowling, Darts and even go Drinking together and attempt to drive home without arousing suspicion from the watchful eye of the LCPD.

You can do vigilante missions for the police, paramedic emergencies, fire emergencies, prank call 911, find out what song you're listening to on the radio, go on dates, knive people, deliver drugs and secret packages, drive helicopters, cars, vans, boats, motorbikes, play online multiplayer, hi-jack cars, ride trains, do taxi fares, swim, go in strip clubs, have you know what with you know who, eat out at resteraunts, go to cabaret shows, get a car wash, go to an internet cafe, check your ATM bank balance, and do LOADS of other things as well!
The graphics are amazing the cars are amazing, the guns are, the storyline is. This game IS perfection! How are Rockstar ever going to top this? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see!

Current Demo Download...          Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 
One of my best friends recommended this one. I wasn't sure, so i downloaded the demo and... whoa! The graphics are the best i've seen in the PS3. They are absolutely jaw-dropping! The game has a lot of blown up buildings and fire and borken water pipes etc. The water effects are amazing, it really does feel like you're are walking through the water - it reacts so realistically. The buildings are so detailed right down to the individual tone and colour shade of each brick. Vehicles are made to fit the stage in the demo and look perfect against the brown and beigey earthy hues in the one level you get to play.

It starts off with the main character - Drake, running down some steps whilst being chased by a massive 4x4 truck up his ass. You are told to shoot and shoot i did - i opened fire with the default AK-47 whilst Drake started shouting and screaming - occasionally it got pretty near so i jumped - it looked so realistic! Eventually it blew up and the level actually started.  You walk forward and hide behind some cover. There are a few guards which you gave to shoot. It's a little tricky to kill them. There is no lock-on that i know of, but i suppose that makes the game harder which is better in a way. Next you have to climb up a street post/lamp and do some awesome basejumping like leaping into smashed windows and dangling from sings on buildings.
My only complaint is it takes you a few seconds to find out where to jump next or what to grab onto, it's a little hard to get used to.

Soon enough you find your way into an all out battle where you have only a small amount of cover behind a low wall from lots of enemy soliders with machine guns. You have to learn to aim well here because it's really hard to get a good critical shot. They threw grenades occasionly which looked amazing when they blew up. The graphical effects are again, extraordinarily well done on this game.

For the  8-10 minutes you get to play, it is very fun, mainly because the game looks and feels amazing. I think i'd like to buy this one - but i'm not sure how the rest of the game is. I think i'll do some more research and maybe buy it cheap.

+  Graphics are immense!
+  Shooting is fun and realistic!
+  Basejumping parts are awesome!
-   Sometimes you don't know what to do.

Friday 14 January 2011

Fallout 3 Massacre Dog!

Recently i've been playing the hell out of Fallout 3. It is actually suprisingly good - i didn't expect it to be this addicting - although i suppose it was game of the year in 2008!

Long story short, i went to a few scary metro stations and found heaps of ammo. Then i went back to "Megaton" the nearest town and was suprised to see a stray dog there! It was called Dogmeat and it seemed happy enough to follow me around. Now he's my own massacre dog and whenever there's and enemy about - he takes no prisoners! He also acts as a sniffer dog and finds ammo, chems, weapons and all sorts for you!
And... best of all - he's practically invincible! Really! He can be set on fire, hit by a missile launcher, blown up by grenades and he can even take a mini-nuke and only loose 1 health-point!

So far i've killed... Radroaches, Giant Ants, Radscorpians, Fire Ants, Ghouls, Feral Ghouls, Glowing Ones, Yui Guans, Deathclaws, Humans, A Queen Fire Ant, Mole Rats, Centaurs, Protectrons, Robobrains, Members of the Brotherhood, Brahmins, Super Mutants and Mirelurks, Sentry Droids and Mark I, II, II and Mark IV turrets... phew!

It's really fun, but my karma is extremely low meaning that bounty hunters occasionally appear to try and kill me... they never live to tell the tale!

Saturday 8 January 2011

GTA IV and Fallout 3

I bought both Grand Theft Auto: IV and Fallout: 3 for the PlayStation 3 in gamestation for £9.99 each, a bargain in my eyes! I managed to pickup the game of the year edition for Fallout 3 too, with all of the expansions included!

I'm not going to go into too much detail - i'll post some reviews later though.

Fallout 3 - PS3                                                        

Fallout 3 is a unique FPS. Basically, it's set in a post-apocolyptic world in Washington D.C. where people are born in Vault 101 and are never supposed to exit. Eventually the main character does and you are left to survive in the radiation, wastelands with giant ants and other large and scary mutated creatures. There are small pockets of human civilization remaing where you can rest and purchase weapons and helpful items. You carry a "Pip Boy" attatched to your arm which achives your data and lets you use weapons etc.

The targeting sytem is unique in the fact that you can zoom in and select what parts of the foe's body to fire at. Different parts can be crippled and are weaker to others making it easier to defeat certain foes.

So far i've entered the first town (i think it was called "Metaron" or something) and got caught pickpocketing a load of people! It's quite fun so far, my only complaint being that the controls are a little awkward and are taking a little longer than usual to get use to.

Grand Theft Auto IV - PS3                                 

I've wanted this beast of a game for years and since i've just got a PS3 for christmas i went and bought it for a tenner!

This game is frickin' awesome! The graphics are awesome, the storyline is awesome, the controls are awesome, the weapons are awesome and there is SO much to do! No wonder rate this 10/10 (Prime)!

You play as Niko, a Russian immigrant who moved to Liberty City to start a new life away from the horror of the war. He meets his cousin and starts to help him out at the taxi depot... dealing with a few arrogant thugs along the way!

What hit me first was the graphics! I'm used to San Andreas, which doesn't have the best of graphics. Of course, i'm still getting used to the superior graphics that the PS3 can cope with! Your main source of info is your phone. From it, you can ring anyone you've met and talk to them. You can also set-up games of bowling, darts or drinking sessions with your cousin or ask out your girlfriends on dates. You can also access online multiplayer from it as well.

Everything is good about this game - i really haven't found anything to moan about... yet! Believe me, i always find something to moan about!

Thursday 6 January 2011

A change of name?

Well... now that i have a PS3, there's no real point in calling my blog "Nintendoheap" as i'll be playing Sony PS3 games too. Do you guys think i should change the name? I think i should because it's going to look kind of stupid if i don't!

I've been playing the hell out of RDR on my new slim 160GB PS3, it's frickin' sweet! If i started typing about it now, i'd never stop, i'll probably post a review later. All i'm going to say for now is... "Molotov Cocktails and Oil Lanterns don't make a good combonation - bears are painfully irritating - and, never pull the trigger unless you really, really know who you're shooting!