Thursday 22 September 2011

Borderlands and Heavy Rain - PS3

Got these 2 games 3 weeks ago and haven't blogged about them yet! Terrible, I know.

                                                          HEAVY RAIN                                                               

I've already finished Heavy Rain. It was a very unique game, more like an interactive story. You play as 4 main characters in the game, each one connected with a series of killings on young boy. There are no leads on the killer so the cops are stumped. On every body there's an orchid and an origami crane figure, this is why the killer is called "The Origami Killer".

I put it on hardest difficulty and it was still pretty easy. Most of the time you're spent moving your character and  interacting with certain things. For example, on the first scene you play as Ethan Mars, father of one of the victims. In this scene you have to make him have a shower, brush his teeth and shave etc. It is pretty cool and you can even read your characters mind if you're stuck on what to do next. Sometimes you have to engage in conversation or have to make a choice: Yes or No. When this occurs, several bubbles will fly over the characters head saying the options you have and the key you need to press to execute them. By fat the best bits of the game are the action scenes and they happen frequently. My favourite one was a scene when you are forced to drive down a highway with oncoming traffic. You have to press the right buttons or move the right analog stick in the right way to survive and turn in time. At times the game also uses the SIXAXIS motion controls integrated in the PlayStation 3 controller and you have to shake the controller repeatedly.
It's a great game, but at times it can get a bit boring or repetitive. I highly recommend it, although if you really get into the game it won't last you more than a weekend

Gamingheap Rating: 8/10


Wow! This game is extremely addictive! BORDERLANDS is a First-Person-Shooter, Action RPG. I think that's a great combination, similar to Oblivion and Fallout 3/NV's gameplay. BORDERLANDS takes place on some Borderlands (funnily enough) on some planet called Pandora. Pandora was originally found by the DAHL company and they began mining on it. Then they stopped for some reason and then rumours arose about a vault somewhere on Pandora containing priceless alien weaponry. Many treasure hunters come to the planet seeking the vault but leave empty handed... or don't leave at all... because they're dead... Anyway, you choose from 1 of 4 characters (each with a different Skill Tree and of course they all look different) at the beginning of the game. Then you collect XP by killing enemies in bounty missions and other missions, all involving shooting things to level up, get better weapons, shields, grenade mods, storage upgrades and more. There are over 17,750,000 million guns in the game - all produced by GearBox's ingeniously designed random gun generator. Basically you blow the shit out of everything you see and you enjoy yourself! and that's why I like this game!

Gamingheap Rating: 9/10