Monday 26 April 2010

Lets Go Monster Hunting! (With a massive sword)!

I, obviously, got Monster Hunter Tri on Wii today. 3 days after the release date, not bad timing!

It's visually amazing and the landscapes and attention to detail is immense! Sometimes I just like to look around with the D-Pad for several minutes. Of course, using really big swords is awesome! But, without its drawbacks... IT TAKES 5 SECONDS TO SWING IT AROUND!!! Oh' well the shortswords can deal the same damage within 2 combos which takes just as long. Anyway it's a great game so far - just killing monsters and collecting resources and selling them for money which I can use to buy armour and weapons!

It's a shame my brother got the rubbish FIFA 10 on Wii too, we have to have days each - I can't wait tell Wednesday!... well actually I have German, so... I think I can wait...

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Back to school and Monster Hunter Tri

Yep... the Easter break is officially over. We all have to wake up at 7 o'clock and trapse off to school. I have completed all of my homework projects now and can at last relax without worrying about deadlines and angry stroppy teachers demanding homework or giving you a detention. I'll only get more!

Anyway, today was our second day back and i had I.T. first. Turns out they've pimped up the I.T. room (I don't know if it's only my I.T. room or it's others too)! The walls have been painted red - well one so far - and we've now got awsomely cool spinny chairs where you can change the height! The novelty wore off pretty quick though, I must say... I also did my magazine show presentation with my group - it was a lil' overdo - and it went really well seeing as we just improvised the whole thing and didn't rehearse once! I'm not kidding!

For the past couple of days i haven't been doing much gaming cept' i might order Monster Hunter Tri - Wii off Amazon or something.It looks really good and although I admit I've never played a Monster Hunter series game before I still really want it! It's about a warrior - who's appearance I think you get to choose - and your local town has been experiencing earthquakes. This is apparently caused by the lagiacrus a giagantic sea dragon! So, you just run around beating the living snot out of monsters... that's my style of game!

Thursday 15 April 2010

Lewes football and more Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Yesterday evening my Dad, Bro and I went to see Lewes Town FC at there ground called the Dripping Pan.
They are in Blue Square South so they do not have professional players but it was okay to watch. I ate a packet of Skittles and a few chips so i wasn't very hungry. I saw this weird curly haired man who kept moving up and down in his seat and was either chewing gum or talking to himself. I think he was an astronomer because he kept getting out a telescope and looking my direction - I was getting kinda freaked out by now! Then the football landed near him at half-time and he tried to throw it back one-handed but missed and the ball hit the border fence. My Brother laughed really hard and the weirdo said that he though it was a head that had landed near him! Later, still during half-time, he came up to us with his telescope and told us that this really tiny star was Venus and that it was as hot as a cooker? I was really freaked out by now and i kept watch on him just in-case he did anything else weird-like. Near the end of the match he got up and left - my Dad noticed that he was wearing no socks at all!?

I have continued to play Metroid
Prime 3: Corruption - Wii today and have progressed to the Pirate's Home-world. I have also unlocked
X-Ray vision for Samus's visor which she can use to decipher codes in switches that use the Pirate's language. It's still gripping and I even beat a new boss battle - Gandrayda - who is a shape shifter and she's really agile and hard to shoot in her normal form! I have also had to defeat plenty of Phazon Metroids during the past few days. It's been great returning to it and I hope to complete it real soon!

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Metroid Prime 3 and my annoying Brother

While my Sister is having her room painted and wallpapered and decorated she sleeps in my Brother's room.
Where does my Brother sleep you ask? On a mattress in my room! He's into football and won't stop playing Football Manager 2010 on PC which is kinda annoying - he's playing it right now. We have had plenty of fights and I usually have him pinned down and force him to retreat to the living room downstairs. Anyway, i brought a load of Wii games to play and I decided to continue with his Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Wii game. He's only played on it, like... twice? It's really good and the graphics and dynamic camera are far superior to other similar FPS Wii games.

You look out through Samas Aran's visor which is pretty cool and when you enter scan mode you can see her reflection. There's lots of little details which make everything more realistic and nicer to play such as the different bars and signs that appear when you enter different modes in your ship or on your visor and have no real reason other than they make it look cooler! There are good uses of the Wii remote and 

nunchuck's controls such as pulling back and twisting the Wii remote to operate levers and switches and using the nunchuck to grapple onto hooks and swing across chasms (or you can use the classic screw-attack when you have unlocked it!). When you enter scan mode on your visor you can scan objects and bioscan lifeforms and read about what to do with them or how to defeat them. There not much to do other than follow the story-line but re-visiting planets can be fun at times and there lots of collectables and suit/weapon power-ups to improve the experience.

Oh yeah! And the Bosses...they're awesome!

It's a good game and one of the best Sci-Fi FPS's I've ever played! 

Sunday 4 April 2010

Beat Rayman DS!

Yay! After like 6 years of just ignoring it I spent last week just rushing through it and finally annihilated the last boss: Razorbead! Sad I know... Anyway it ended with this small unsatisfying movie clip and then I turned off the system and shoved the game back in my DS case. What next? Well, I beat COD 4: Reflex Edition - Wii, so I might just level up on online multiplayer. I still have loads of games that i haven't completed too! The main one would be Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - DS, I might move onto that.

Anyway, for now i'm level 25 in online multiplayer on COD 4: Reflex Edition - Wii and I can actually thrash most level 50's! it's fun! Spent most today levelling up, eating Easter egg and watching Transformers 2 which I rented from Blockbuster Video. I also rented District 9, Ice Age 3 (yeah... I know...) and Terminator: Salvation. All of last years great movies I never got time to see.