Friday 6 April 2012

Where have I been? I've been building!

Sorry, sorry! I said in my lost post that I'd be posting regularly again, but I lied! Well, anyway I have been building my very own medieval city in minecraft over this week. If you would like to see some pictures then please view my forum post here.

For those of you who hate Minecraft or dislike it for any other manner, have no fear! I promise that my next post will be a review on Batman: Arkham Asylum which I aim to post tomorrow or late on Sunday!


Chalgyr said...

Haha - I have no hate of Minecraft personally. More of a passing curiosity really. I don't really care to sit and play it - I have too many other games on tap I really want to play, but my son and youngest daughter both ADORE Minecraft. My youngest just plays on a free account, while my son has a purchased one. He's been on spring break and playing the daylights out of that.

Looking forward to your Batman article. :) That's a title I still need to get around to playing. I dinked around with it briefly at a friend's place at one time, but haven't had a chance to sit with it - though I did pick it up awhile ago.

Matt Sainsbury said...

Wow. That is freaking incredible! Congrats on the awesome city :)

The thing I love most about Minecraft is that it allows people to let their imaginations run loose. It's a rare thing for a videogame to enable immagination rather than stifle it in the name of a developer's 'vision'. To me, Minecraft gets back to the very roots of what gaming is about: playing in a virtual sandbox :)

Kelli said...

can't wait for your arkham asylum review... I LOVED THAT GAME! It made me the biggest batman fan ever!!!!