Tuesday 29 May 2012

Broke my headset

Yeah, that sucks badly. The wires were protruding for a while but then yesterday the mic. just 'died'. Shame they were good sound quality although they weren't wireless. Anyhow, I need to buy a new pair and I'm thinking of  a budget no-more than £25 ($39.51) so I was wondering if you guys know of a good headset for around that price (seeing as I can get the exact same ones as I had for £25).

In case you were wondering this is the headset I was using.


MimiPRGameFreak said...

Well that sucks big time. I say might as buy the same headset again since it is the official PS3 headset. Others are way expensive and getting wireless sometimes isn't a good idea due to sound quality and have to charge it while in the middle of a match. So I say buy the same one.

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Daisy said...

Hey! Speaking of headsets, I got my new plantronic headset in the mail a week ago. They are awesome so far! When I was looking for headsets, I found some with built-in vibrations for realistic grenade feeling ahahhaa! I love the internet.