Thursday, 6 January 2011

A change of name?

Well... now that i have a PS3, there's no real point in calling my blog "Nintendoheap" as i'll be playing Sony PS3 games too. Do you guys think i should change the name? I think i should because it's going to look kind of stupid if i don't!

I've been playing the hell out of RDR on my new slim 160GB PS3, it's frickin' sweet! If i started typing about it now, i'd never stop, i'll probably post a review later. All i'm going to say for now is... "Molotov Cocktails and Oil Lanterns don't make a good combonation - bears are painfully irritating - and, never pull the trigger unless you really, really know who you're shooting!


DJPimpDaddy said... is not taken yet.

I was a Nintendo fanboy for years and still love the old NES/SNES days. But the PS3 pretty much consumes my time these days.

Pickup Bioshock used when you finish RDR.

Nintendoheap said...

kk, thanks for the advice :D

Blake said...

I suggest keeping the name and making a new category title PS3 something or other.