Friday, 31 December 2010

Annual Summary (2010)

Whoa! What a year, in total I've bought 2 games consoles: a PS3 and a DSi XL, dozens of games, accessories, used the DSi Ware shop for the first time, made my very own online game FAQ and made my very own blog - Nintendoheap!

I'm so happy about all of the gaming achievements I've made this year. I finally reached level 65 on Call Of Duty: Waw for the Wii thus being rewarded with a flamethrower and an M1 Carbine rifle (many hours of hysterical laughing whilst burning Nazi soldiers ensued). I made a online strategy guide and FAQ for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS system and posted it on GameFAQs. I also finally beat Rayman DS after years of hatred towards it. I've finished many games this year, but there's still loads more to complete. I was also introduced to Minecraft by a couple of friends - and i haven't stopped playing it ever since! The first game i bought this year was Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings for the DS system. I have yet to finish it. The last game i bought was only this afternoon... I'd been eagerly awaiting it... Red Dead Redemption! And... of course a PS3 came with it too!

Now onto the main subject... my personal game of the year!

This one is a toughy. I've enjoyed many great games but these are the ones that stood out to me the most...

  • Monster Hunter Tri - Wii
  • Dragon Quest IX - DS
  • GoldenEye - Wii
  • Minecraft - PC
Monster Hunter Tri has kept me going for way over 40 hours - i thoroughly enjoyed the single player campaign and online multiplayer. Buying new weapons and armour was great and beating the crap out of massive monsters (especially the Jhen Moran) was really fun. The music was great and Cha-Cha added a certain humour to the game. It has its ups and downs - especially when i kept getting Disconnected online and when my friends weren't on. I still love this game and continue to "Lol" when a high level Great Jaggi kicks my ass!

Dragon Quest IX is this years best RPG for me. I've loved every second of it. The 3D battling was great, the storyline was compelling, although i was unable to connect online with friends - beating bosses was just as fun and grinding through grottoes was too. Some parts were a little loathsome such as scaling the big tower at the end and any big caverns where you don't know where you're going. After i finished the game i found there was not much else to do so lost interest a bit. Multiplayer is key if you want to play more after the single player story. I loved playing this DS title too!

GoldenEye Wii was a great FPS for the Wii and a remake of its N64 predecessor, it didn't have the best graphics nor was it as good as Call Of Duty, but this game has a certain charm and character i don't get when playing through all out battles in COD. It's more a stealth game where sneaky about unnoticed is the key to survival. The weapons were very cleverly made-up and suited the spy feel. The scenes where you had to use the wii remote and nunchuck to dodge and avoid attacks whilst fighting Alec or Xenia were brilliant. The Multiplayer, needles to say is amazing although it doesn't have the clean smooth matches and feel that COD does. The only thing that lets this game down is its graphics as the Wii is no match for the PS3 and Xbox 360s superior visuals - this leaves some scenes ruined by out of key mouth movement and bodies morphing through objects etc.

Minecraft is this year's best Indie game for me (yes, it's even better than Linerider!). It may not look that good... in fact it looks terrible but that's the charm that Minecraft has - it's made of blocks! The gameplay is good... if you know what you're doing! There are no instructions or anything so online walkthroughs and FAQs are a must see for new users. I enjoy playing the game because it's so addictive! There's not much i can say (well... type!) about it, it's strange but so fun, try it out.

And..... my game of the year award goes too.........................

~~~ Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies - DS ~~~


Have a happy new year everybody, may your gaming continue and your blogs as well!

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