Thursday, 20 January 2011

Gamingheap Review - Metroid Fusion

 Metroid Fusion   -  Gamingheap Review

I haven't spoken much about this game since i bought it in America so i thought i'd share a post about it.

The storyline basically follows Samus Aran after she is infected by an unknown new alien species called the "X". After being saved from near death after her suit has become badly damaged, parts had to be removed and she lost nearly all of her weaponry systems and powers. One good advantage is that she can now absorb the X and restore her health whilst doing so!
The X manage to take over the space craft and infect all 6 environment system zones. Then, Samus (aided by the help of on-board navigation systems) must stop the SA-X (a superior, exact clone of her, with all of her powers) before it destroys the whole space craft.

You begin the game with only your arm cannon at minimum power and the ability to duck, jump and shoot in all different directions. You have to make it to the central elevator, shooting many different enemies in pure Metroid style! Lots of the enemies in this game require certain methods to killing them instead of justing blasting them away. For example some may only be able to be killed if you blast them from the underside or hit them with several missiles.

After reaching the central elevator you have access to the first environmental zone - Sector 1. The game is a really fun sidescroller and it's suprising how much thought you have to put into the strategical parts of the game. That is actually one of the reasons i prefer it to Super Mario Bros. Later on you gain the ability to run twice as fast after running in a straight line for several seconds. This ability is used a lot to smash through various blocks and even enemies! Gradually you'll gain your powers back and fight bosses along the way which also require strategic thinking to defeat. You'll find various save rooms and recharge points along the way to keep you up and some rooms are even hidden and are usually stumbled on my accident.

The only few complaints i have is that the game takes a while to get used to. It takes a while to figure out that your meant to break a certain block or shoot a specific enemy with an ice missile. Also, jumping from ladders can be infuriating because if you press A before pressing the D-PAD you will fall instead of jump meaning you can lose lots of energy for one tiny mistake.

Otherwise, this game is brilliant and very fun. It's nice to see Metroid at its roots and a nice change to the FPS feel of things i'm used to.

My Rating: 8.5/10

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