Sunday, 23 January 2011

Halfway through Red Dead Redemption! - PS3

Well, i've ridden over to Mexico aready and i'm nearly halfway through the whole game (around 48%)!

This game is really good, i really do recommned it to anyone who enjoys games like Grand Theft Auto. After all, it was made by the same developers! I've done some really cool stuff and seen some hilarious things!

I went back to finish the first oddjob i did the day i got the game and instead of giving him the things he needed, i accidently flattened him under my horse.  I've also unlocked a few avatar items for PS3 home by doing certain things on Red Dead. I've got 11% of the total trophies as well. Getting drunk is funny, drinking a few shots will make your movements nearly uncontrolable and after falling over you'll be laying on the floor for at least 10 seconds before you get up. Some of the characters are hilarious, like Seth and Irish (Yes, his name is Irish).

You can even go treasure hunting. I'm still hunting for the first treasure! You can play Poker, Blackjack, Liar's Dice, Five Finger Fillet and even hunt bounties! The guns are really cool as well, you unlock more as you go along the game. I use them to hunt wildlife and sell their skins and hides for money! Another fun thing to do is lasso people when no-one's looking and hogtie them to the back of your horse. Then you can take them where ever you like and do what you want with them!

If you haven't got this game... get it!

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DJPimpDaddy said...

This is on my list to buy. I am still working toward beating GTA 4! I have a real problem with owning too many games and not completing them.

Have you or are you planning on purchasing any of the expansion packs?