Saturday, 8 January 2011

GTA IV and Fallout 3

I bought both Grand Theft Auto: IV and Fallout: 3 for the PlayStation 3 in gamestation for £9.99 each, a bargain in my eyes! I managed to pickup the game of the year edition for Fallout 3 too, with all of the expansions included!

I'm not going to go into too much detail - i'll post some reviews later though.

Fallout 3 - PS3                                                        

Fallout 3 is a unique FPS. Basically, it's set in a post-apocolyptic world in Washington D.C. where people are born in Vault 101 and are never supposed to exit. Eventually the main character does and you are left to survive in the radiation, wastelands with giant ants and other large and scary mutated creatures. There are small pockets of human civilization remaing where you can rest and purchase weapons and helpful items. You carry a "Pip Boy" attatched to your arm which achives your data and lets you use weapons etc.

The targeting sytem is unique in the fact that you can zoom in and select what parts of the foe's body to fire at. Different parts can be crippled and are weaker to others making it easier to defeat certain foes.

So far i've entered the first town (i think it was called "Metaron" or something) and got caught pickpocketing a load of people! It's quite fun so far, my only complaint being that the controls are a little awkward and are taking a little longer than usual to get use to.

Grand Theft Auto IV - PS3                                 

I've wanted this beast of a game for years and since i've just got a PS3 for christmas i went and bought it for a tenner!

This game is frickin' awesome! The graphics are awesome, the storyline is awesome, the controls are awesome, the weapons are awesome and there is SO much to do! No wonder rate this 10/10 (Prime)!

You play as Niko, a Russian immigrant who moved to Liberty City to start a new life away from the horror of the war. He meets his cousin and starts to help him out at the taxi depot... dealing with a few arrogant thugs along the way!

What hit me first was the graphics! I'm used to San Andreas, which doesn't have the best of graphics. Of course, i'm still getting used to the superior graphics that the PS3 can cope with! Your main source of info is your phone. From it, you can ring anyone you've met and talk to them. You can also set-up games of bowling, darts or drinking sessions with your cousin or ask out your girlfriends on dates. You can also access online multiplayer from it as well.

Everything is good about this game - i really haven't found anything to moan about... yet! Believe me, i always find something to moan about!

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rinns said...

Haha, it's Megaton. :)
I'm surprised you got FO3goty for 10 bucks. That's awesome! I hope you really enjoyed it; I love FO3