Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Weekly Summary: 2 (25 January)

I bought 3 more games this week, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Killzone 2 and Fallout: New Vegas!
There all awesome and i only paid £42!

       Currently Playing...            Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - PS3

I've been playing a lot of this game, I'm about 18 levels in i think. It has been so fun, mainly because the action scenes look brilliant! There was this one level where you had to climb to the top of this hotel. Chloe, your friend gets stuck in an elevator and you have to plow through this hotel gunning down enemies and climbing out every now and then swinging on flagpoles to get to the next window. Eventually you make it to the top floor and fix some electric box which opens the elevator. After that you're chased across the rooftops by a helicopter-gunship until you finally hide inside a building... until the heli takes it out with some missiles. On that specific part, the building is shaking and you can just see it collide with the building next to it and you have to jump out of the window to survive - it was pretty epic!

I have also unlocked a fair few trophies 15 or 16 by now. Most of the require you to kill enemies in specific ways like killing 3 people with 1 grenade or kill 50 people with a certain gun.

The storyline is well thought out and is really interesting as you go along. There's a lot of sudden changes which confuse you (Chloe seems to double cross you a lot as well)! As the game continues the enemies get increasingly difficult and use better weapons, like going from an AK-47 to a Minigun!
The best part though, has to be the freerunning sections! Whether it be, jumping from ledges and hanging on for dear life to swinging from ropes or jumping from building just in the nick of time before they blow up. I also like them because they provide a bit of thought to the game. Rather than just button mashing, you'll find yourself constantly thinking of which way to go or where to jump next and moving the camera around a lot.

I think i'm pretty near to finishing this game as well - that makes me one step closer to getting my first Gold PSN trophy!

Currently Playing...              Killzone 2 - PS3

Killzone 2 is a pretty decent, very tricky, futuristic, First-Person-Shooter. The graphics, Like Uncharted 2, are immense and look incredible... especially when your watching a Helghast Soldier's head explode into an eye-ball strewn mess all over a nearby wall!

You can carry two weapons at any given time. One heavier weapon like a Sub-Machine Gun or a Rocket Launcher and one pistol which has unlimited ammo. The pistol is fairly powerful at close range but virtually useless from far away. To be honest, i don't like the campaign that much, i never really know what i'm supposed to be doing other than walking over a few bridges and shooting some enemy soldiers. I don't understand some parts of the storyline as i didn't play the first one, but i've been picking things up along the way.

The online mode is the grand thing about this game. You can have up to 32 players in one Warzone with loads of different game modes! Everytime one game mode finishes it continues to the next one until they've all been played and the team that one the most rounds wins! I'm not sure just about how many maps there are but it looks like there's quite a few as i've seen them listed between games. You can create squads with people and become squad mates working on individual tasks together (easier if you have a headset - i don't). You can choose which skin you character uses and even what badge to have.

I'm not enjoying this game as much as the others. It's okay, i'm glad i bought it cheap though!

Currently Playing...              Fallout: New Vegas - PS3

I've been playing a decent amount of Fallout: New Vegas. I persuaded to of my friends to get it as well so we talk about together a lot. I've set my difficulty settings to "Normal" difficulty, but it's also on Hardcore mode. This basically makes it harder to survive. Ammo also weighs you down on Hardcore mode so i have to only carry a few weapons at a time to have a decent stockpile of ammo. My main problem at the moment is not being able to get past these monsters called Deathclaws. They're bigger and faster than me and can kill me in 3 strikes. Their armour is inpenetrable to all of my weapons at the moment as well which makes things even harder!
I've been collecting a lot of valuable items across the Mojave Wastelands as well so i'm earning some more bottle caps to buy weaponry (bottle caps are the currency in Fallout games). Fallout: New Vegas is actually suprisingly scary. A number of times i've turned around to find a decaying ghoul (like a zombie) in my face ready to claw out my eyes. I've also turned around to find giant ants with their legs flailing around in my face! The scariest of them all is when you hear the loud thumping footsteps of Deathclaws behind you and you know that whatever you do, you're a dead man!

It's really fun so far although i haven't progressed far enough to tell you about the storyline... other than you got shot in the head at the beginning and now you are alive and trying to get revenge on the nobs that nearly killed you!

Currently Playing...          The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - DS

This game is fun, addictive, requires lots of though and all in all is pretty damn good! I've been playing since just before christmas on and off. I'm quite near the end now and i'm on my 4th (i think!) visit the Ocean King's Temple, who o found out is actually the old man Oshus. You probably have no idea what i'm talking about do you... well get the game and you'll soon find out!

You use the touch screen for everything in this game, movement, attacking, drawing on maps, activating stuff you name it! You get loads of items to use like the Boomerang, Bow and Arrow, Bombs, Shovel and a sword just to name a few!  There are 3 different attacks you can use with your sword. Jab, Slash and Spin Attack. You get dizzy after using the spin attack as you spin around in circles (obviously). Bombs blow up holes in walls and the Boomerang follows any path you draw on the screen! There's tons of enemies, and you collect Rupees from practically every single thing in the whole game that you can destroy! Rupees are the currency and when you find a store in land or a boat store out at sea you can use them to purchase things like extra bombs and ship parts.

When you want to travel to a new island you use the boat. You plot a route on the sea map on the touch screen which your boat follows. While this is happening enemies will try to attack the boat. You can use the cannon you get early on in the game to defeat them and collect rupees! Customizing your ship at the shipyard will give you an increase in health depending on how many pieces of ship parts of the same set you install (e.g. installing all ship parts from the Demon ship set collection will give you lots of hearts).

The story is amusing and the NPCs and enemies look kinda cute. The game has many puzzles which require you to think hard and jot things down on your map using the touch screen. For example in some parts you are told how to pull a specific sequence of switches, you can write this down on the touch screen map so you remember which order to pull them in.

This game is ultra fun and is really funny, even know it's old and you'll probably get Spirit Tracks instead i say still give this a shot, just for the amusement factor!

Oh yeah, and you can go fishing!

Currently Demo Download...              Apache Air Assault - PS3

DJPimpDaddy at persuaded me to download this demo. Check out his blog and follow it!

There were 3 missions to this demo, one of them being a tutorial mission. I took the tutorial first to learn the flying controls. It wasn't too hard. You just had to shoot some trucks and stuff. You get to try out the Hellfire Missiles which, although you don't get many of them, are really good and effective because they lock onto specific targets. You also get to use the normal Rockets which you manually aim and fire with. The other means of defeating the enemies is the machine gun on the side of the helicopter. You get thermal vision to detect enemies and then once again you manually fire the machine gun to kill them. The other 2 missions were much the same, just flying around shooting the waves of enemies. The graphics were nothing too special although the cut-scenes looked pretty good. Overall it was a pretty average demo. You have to fly through checkpoint markers most of the time. The fighting is pretty realistic. The only problem is the awkward controls!

I don't think Activision did too badly here, it was a fairly enjoyable expericence but i think i'll skip this one to be honest.


Gamplay is pretty fun +
Looks decent +
Realistic +
Controls awkward -

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