Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Weekly Summary: 1 (18th January)

Wow! What a good start to the year!

We're nearly 3 weeks in and, as you know, i've bought 2 new games for the PS3 (Fallout 3 and GTA IV) and even downloaded some demos from the PSN Store!

Currently Playing...                                          Fallout 3
I've really been having fun on Fallout 3. I travelled to a small secluded area called "Evergreen Mills." It was there, that 30+ raiders were roaming about, they even had a gigantic Super Mutant Behemoth which they released onto me. My Scoped Magnum handled that VERY large threat easily - it's body now lies there, blood strewn over the ground. On further exploration through the Captial Wasteland i found various new enemies, including the Deathclaw (very large and scary monster with big claws), King Mirelurks (human like variation of the crab-like Mirelurks) and even Ghoul Reavers (a stronger variation of the Feral Ghouls that glows with radiation). It is SO fun, seriously, if you have never played Fallout, you should give it a go!
There's so much to type about it! All i'll say for now is that i'm beginning to collect all of the attire in the game. I have my own house and am keeping most of it all in one locker. This is actually a pretty hard task i've set myself because I may have to kill important people to get to the clothing in the first place.
The lock on system is great! Incase you've never seen it, basically, it pauses the game and zooms in on the selected target (friend or foe). From there you can select which body part you want to damage and the percentage next to it shows your chance of hitting it. Harming different body parts does different things to different enemies. For instance - shooting the head of a human will most likely kill it instantly and shooting the antennae of certain insects will make them frenzy about attacking there own kind.
There's so much to do, if you're bored you can just run about shooting anyone, or you can complete quests and earn rewards and XP so you can level up and increase your skills like lockpicking and sneaking. There's plenty of trophies to get as well, some harder than others.

I hope to complete the main storyline quests soon and perhaps purchase Fallout: New Vegas which carries on as far as i know!

Currently Playing...                                  Grand Theft Auto: IV

This game seriously blows my mind! How could anyone create such a masterpiece - you'll NEVER be bored playing this game because there is a never ending list of things to do. Right out at the beginning you are open to loads of fun things to do and it seems like after every mission after that you just keep on unlocking more places to go! You get a girlfriend - Michelle - a few missions in and you are introduced to bowling straight away. Doing enought missions for friends and family increases your friendship with them which in turn allows you to take them out with you and play Pool, Bowling, Darts and even go Drinking together and attempt to drive home without arousing suspicion from the watchful eye of the LCPD.

You can do vigilante missions for the police, paramedic emergencies, fire emergencies, prank call 911, find out what song you're listening to on the radio, go on dates, knive people, deliver drugs and secret packages, drive helicopters, cars, vans, boats, motorbikes, play online multiplayer, hi-jack cars, ride trains, do taxi fares, swim, go in strip clubs, have you know what with you know who, eat out at resteraunts, go to cabaret shows, get a car wash, go to an internet cafe, check your ATM bank balance, and do LOADS of other things as well!
The graphics are amazing the cars are amazing, the guns are, the storyline is. This game IS perfection! How are Rockstar ever going to top this? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see!

Current Demo Download...          Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 
One of my best friends recommended this one. I wasn't sure, so i downloaded the demo and... whoa! The graphics are the best i've seen in the PS3. They are absolutely jaw-dropping! The game has a lot of blown up buildings and fire and borken water pipes etc. The water effects are amazing, it really does feel like you're are walking through the water - it reacts so realistically. The buildings are so detailed right down to the individual tone and colour shade of each brick. Vehicles are made to fit the stage in the demo and look perfect against the brown and beigey earthy hues in the one level you get to play.

It starts off with the main character - Drake, running down some steps whilst being chased by a massive 4x4 truck up his ass. You are told to shoot and shoot i did - i opened fire with the default AK-47 whilst Drake started shouting and screaming - occasionally it got pretty near so i jumped - it looked so realistic! Eventually it blew up and the level actually started.  You walk forward and hide behind some cover. There are a few guards which you gave to shoot. It's a little tricky to kill them. There is no lock-on that i know of, but i suppose that makes the game harder which is better in a way. Next you have to climb up a street post/lamp and do some awesome basejumping like leaping into smashed windows and dangling from sings on buildings.
My only complaint is it takes you a few seconds to find out where to jump next or what to grab onto, it's a little hard to get used to.

Soon enough you find your way into an all out battle where you have only a small amount of cover behind a low wall from lots of enemy soliders with machine guns. You have to learn to aim well here because it's really hard to get a good critical shot. They threw grenades occasionly which looked amazing when they blew up. The graphical effects are again, extraordinarily well done on this game.

For the  8-10 minutes you get to play, it is very fun, mainly because the game looks and feels amazing. I think i'd like to buy this one - but i'm not sure how the rest of the game is. I think i'll do some more research and maybe buy it cheap.

+  Graphics are immense!
+  Shooting is fun and realistic!
+  Basejumping parts are awesome!
-   Sometimes you don't know what to do.

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Blake said...

I have to go back replay GTA4, I really enjoyed that game.