Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Lore and Literature of The Elder Scrolls

The books and the lore behind The Elder Scrolls games are great! I've been playing since Oblivion and it's something I've loved and enjoyed so much! I don't know about other gamers, but I've talked to my friends and they say that they always drop books and never read them. There missing out on so much in my opinion. The books tell tales of great adventurers, give useful information on the world and there's even a create your own adventure story book! 

Most RPGs I play, though they have great gameplay and are really fun, don't focus nearly as much as on Lore as Bethesda do in The Elder Scrolls series. I think it makes the game's environment so much more realistic like the world your playing in has existed long before you started playing. This post is basically me just voicing my mind over this fairly small, but outstanding part of Skyrim and Oblivion that I've learned to really enjoy.

Currently my Skyrim household contains over 120 books some really common and some unique and very valuable. I have read a lot of them, however I really would like to sit down one weekend, boot up Skyrim and just read them all for the fun of it!


GamesAndBiz said...

Haha, you know how I feel about the books of Elder Scrolls :) 120 book collection is a good one though :D

Oliver M said...

Hehe, yeah it's a great part of the games! :)

DJPimpDaddy said...

Since Oblivion I have had a weak spot for stealing books. Every time I break in to a house I just have to steal all their books for some reason. I have cleaned out several towns and villages in Skyrim. I always sell my doubles and I have no idea how many I have. When I open up that chest the game ... "staggers" a tad an my frame rate on my PS3 drops to like 1, so there is quite a few in there lol.

If I was to hit that "take all" button my player would be crushed. All you'd find in Breezehome would be a pile of books with blood dripping through the floor.

Oli said...

haha! Same here DJPimpDaddy! I have no idea how many books I have but my framerate drops so much when I open my 'book chest'!