Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Skyrim Guide: How to make easy gold!

Here's just a little something I thought I might compile in a fit of creativity this evening: a small guide containing some of my very own, tried and tested tips for making some coin in the world of Skyrim! There may be more of these to come, so watch this space!

A Skyrim Guide:
How to make easy gold!

Gold is probably the most useful thing in Skyrim and is definitely something you'll need a lot of, whether it be for buying armour, weapons, ingredients or even real-estate, gold is something you need a good supply of in the harsh land of Skyrim. Here are a few simple tips to help you become a budding, wealthy nobleman...

  • Adventure! There's nothing better than delving deep into nord burial crypts or deep dark caves! Along the way, you're sure to find many chests with gold or valuable items in them. Just watch out for the Draugr! You can sell these items for a decent price to any of Skyrim's fine traders. For the truly foolhardy I recommend exploring dwarven ruins for rare metals and priceless artifacts. But! Beware of the dangerous contraptions and other monsters that dwell within!

  • Alchemy! Many people believe alchemy is a boring practice that only the old have fun doing. However if you see a mountain flower, torchbug, lunar moth or happen to cross paths with any other ingredients along Skyrim's snowy paths then why not pick them up and brew up a nice potion at the nearest alchemy table? It's very easy to do and selling these potions or poisons will award you with a lot of gold! Skilled alchemists would do well to combine a 'Lunar Moth Wings' with 'Chaurus Eggs' to create a valuable 'Potion of Invisibility'. Some potions can fetch as high as 500 gold if you're lucky!

  • Questing! See a stranger on the road or in town? Talk to them, see if they offer you a quest. Some people will ask you to deliver different items to different people. Doing so takes little more than a few minutes and before you know it you could have another couple of hundred gold jiggling in your pouch for all the footwork. Bigger, better quests will reward you with more gold so get out there and start questing!

  • Crime! If all else fails and you really are broke then just head over to the nearest town, lockpick a house and steal the items inside! You can sell these items to any fence from the Thieves Guild in Riften. Just make sure any guards don't spot you or you'll be losing more money than you're earning! And... if you're really stuck, break into a house in the dead of night and murder somebody! Do it right, and nobody will notice a thing.

Well, I hope you're now raring to get out there and make some gold with these magnificent tips tried and tested by yours truly!


DJPimpDaddy said...

I prefer the crime path lol.

Chalgyr Vokel said...

The crime path has worked rather well for me too! ;)