Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Platinum PSN Trophy - 3 (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

This is probably my greatest gaming achievement so far! Skyrim is one of my favourite games of 2011 and indeed of all time as is the entire Elder Scrolls series. I managed this Platinum in a gargantuan 149 hours, 31 minutes and 42 seconds of gameplay. This makes 2 platinums in 9 days! I'm so happy I finally platinum-ed it as it took so much time and it is such a big game. To be fair, none of the trophies were too difficult to get surprisingly. Instead they were just really time consuming! Here are some gameplay stats if you are interested...

Days as a Werewolf: 287
Locations Discovered: 250
Dungeons Cleared: 104
Days Passed: 295
Hours Slept: 41
Hours Waiting: 916
Standing Stones Found: 13
Gold Found: 332345
Most Gold Carried: 105989
Chests Looted: 1780
Skill Increases: 784
Skill Books Read: 72
Food Eaten: 443
Training Sessions: 40
Books Read: 317
Horses Owned: 2
Houses Owned: 2
Stores Invested In: 0
Barters: 1751
Persuasions: 30
Bribes: 8
Intimidations: 10
Diseases Contracted: 1

Quests Completed: 112
Misc Objectives Completed: 157
Main Quests Completed: 18
Side-Quests Completed: 17
The Companions Quests Completed: 7
College of Winterhold Quests Completed: 8
Thieves Guild Quests Completed: 13
The Dark Brotherhood Quests Completed: 27
Civil War Quests Completed: 8
Daedric Quests Completed: 15
Questlines Completed: 5

People Killed: 1285
Animals: 667
Creatures Killed: 259
Undead Killed: 542
Daedra Killed: 29
Automatons Killed: 71
Favourite Weapon: Daedric Sword
Critical Strikes: 1272
Sneak Attacks: 630
Backstabs: 24
Weapons Disarmed: 8
Brawls Won: 7
Bunnies Slaughtered: 9

Spells Learned: 33
Favourite Spell: Telekinesis
Favourite School: Alteration
Dragon Souls Collected: 50
Words of Power Learned: 44
Words of power Unlocked: 46
Shouts Learned: 20
Shouts Unlocked: 20
Shouts Mastered: 8
Times Shouted: 1495
Favourite Shout: Whirlwind Sprint

Soul Gems Used: 59
Souls Trapped: 144
Magic Items Made: 19
Weapons Improved: 41
Weapons Made: 368
Armour Improved: 39
Armour Made: 182
Potions Mixed: 325
Potions Used: 471
Poisons Mixed: 181
Poisons Used: 5
Ingredients Harvested: 1228
Ingredients Eaten: 190
Nirnroots Found: 43
Wings Plucked: 76

Total Lifetime Bounty: 23752
Largest Bounty: 3001
Locks Picked: 290
Pockets Picked: 75
Items Pickpocketed: 693
Times Jailed: 1
Days Jailed: 1
Fines Paid: 12636
Jail Escapes: 1
Items Stolen: 1127
Assaults: 378
Murders: 66
Horses Stolen: 1
Trespasses: 22

If you enjoyed reading these stats, why not copy and paste them, re-write your stats and share them with everyone!


GamesAndBiz said...

150 hours for a platinum?

To be completely honest, that's quite reasonable on Bethesda's part. Dragon Age actually takes longer to platinum, and it really does outlive its welcome well before then, but 150 hours for this game would still, if anything, leave you with plenty to do.

Well done Bethesda.

The Girl Gamer said...

Congrats on your Skyrim platinum!! =)

Was it difficult to get all the trophies with all the bugs that the game haves?

- The Girl Gamer