Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Top Soundtracks [002]: Grand Theft Auto IV - Vagabond, Greenskeepers

 Grand Theft Auto IV: Vagabond, Greenskeepers 

Now I do not know about you guys, but before Grand Theft Auto IV came out, I didn't know who Greenskeepers were, as well as a lot of the other bands whose songs are featured in the game's excellent and quite frankly, hilarious radio stations. Greenskeepers were contacted by Rockstar to make a unique song solely for GTA IV and this is what they produced. The riff is just too good!

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The Girl Gamer said...

I agree that Greenskeepers was one of the best songs on GTAIV. I still say that Vice City had the best soundtrack though when it comes to GTA. =)

- The Girl Gamer