Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gamingheap Special: SKYRIM - Part 6

 Gamingheap Special: SKYRIM 

Part 6


Just a short update.

I managed to finish the main questline, defeating Alduin in Soverngarde. He was actually pathetically easy, but that's probably because I just shot him up with ebony arrows from far away haha. In the end he exploded (no i'm not joking, when Alduin dies he actually explodes!) and there was no reward whatsoever... not even a dragon soul... so yeah that was a bummer of a way to end the main storyline. Although, I do now have a shout where I can call my very own dragon to fight for me. Randomly spawning dragons also still appear once Alduin is killed which is good because the game wouldn't be nearly as much fun without them. From what I've seen in the trophy list Skyrim looks pretty simple to platinum. All I have got to do is do all of the faction quests such as the thieves guild, companions etc. and then just a handful of extra miscellaneous trophies and I'm done! So that's going to be my next goal in the gaming world: to platinum Skyrim! I don't think it will take me anymore than a couple of weeks gameplay from now. 


Parko said...

Haven't played Skyrim yet, but being able to call them on command sounds awesome.

Oli said...

It is pretty cool, you should get it soon - it's too good lol :D