Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Borderlands 2 Launch Date Announced + Trailer!

I loved the first game and now here comes a sequel! And, let me tell you, it looks amazing! There was something like a million guns in Borderlands but in Borderlands 2 apparently there will be even more! Viewing the trailer you'll see some ultra-cool looking guns as well. The launch date is said to be 18th September of this year so a I believe 2012's first pre-order is about to arise!

Better grab my controller and get in some practice on the original game...

The song is 'Doomsday' by Nero.
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The Girl Gamer said...

Great, the sequel is coming out and I haven't even started Borderlands yet. I really to start working on my backlog of games.

- The Girl Gamer

Oli said...

It is a really addictive game, you'll enjoy it! :)

Parko said...

Looks pretty neat, didn't know there were so many guns, plus the skill tree looks spot on.