Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Platinum PSN Trophy - 1 (Fallout 3)

Yep, 92 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds was the time it took me to get all 50 non-DLC trophies and earn myself a Platinum! My first platinum! I'm so happy. That's 80% of Fallout 3's trophies completed as I haven;t got all of the DLC ones. 6 of the trophies needed for the Platinum forced me to start a new game and reach level 8, 14 and 20 with neutral or good karma levels. It took me 3 whole days of gaming to get to level 20!
Anyway, It was great fun and now I guess all I've got to do is get the DLC trophies and I'm done with this game. Shame, because it's such an amazing game. I've been decorating my Megaton house with guns, chems and other miscellaneous rubbish just like I did in Oblivion (except with swords!).

Here are my very own Fallout 3 statistics, straight from my Pip-Boy 3000!

Quests Completed:                                  47
Locations Discovered:                            140
People Killed:                                         593
Creatures Killed:                                   1026
Locks Picked:                                         254
Computers Hacked:                                  50
Stimpacks Taken:                                    754
Rad-X taken:                                             66
RadAway taken:                                      108
Chems Taken:                                          299
Times Addicted:                                         34
Mines Disarmed:                                        28
Speech Successes:                                     51
Pockets Picked:                                         27
Pants Exploded:                                           0
Books Read:                                              56
Bobbleheads Found:                                  20
Weapons Created:                                       5
People Mezzed:                                           4
Captives Rescued:                                       2
Sandman Kills:                                            6
Paralyzing Punches:                                     0
Robots Disabled:                                        0
Contracts Comnpleted:                               0
Corpses Eaten:                                           0
Mysterious Stranger Visits:                         27


Daisy said...

Corpse eaten 0. Thank GOD for that haha! :D

The Girl Gamer said...

Congrats on your first platinum! =)

- The Girl Gamer

Kelli said...

I wanted to try to platinum fallout 3 too but I just can't bring myself to be bad... *sigh* but anyways congrats on your first trophy :)

Oliver.M said...

Thanks guys.. um gals, lol ;)