Monday, 4 April 2011

Making games and killing people on RDR

Ahh! What a wonderful combonation! I've just being doing that for the past 3 days. I've been really lazy and haven't done much else. I nearly lost 2 weeks worth of my game on my laptop when my lapto, then decided to shut it self down and then when I rebooted my map data was corrupted. It took me several minutes to work out that I had to move my map data into a new project then move a load of other files over. Anyway, it's working now and I have to say it's going pretty well! I create my own NPC sprites online with a special generator, then create facesets for their diologue with another downloadable generator. This way I can create new and unique characters without using the default pre-installed ones.

As you probably know, I finished Red Dead 100% a little while back and whilst I probably should be playing online or finishing Undead Nightmare, I just like killing everyone I see in single player! I like using throwing knives, I cannot explain how cool it looks.

Anyway, sorry for this unprofessional, slightly boring rant, I had noting else to post about, so I'm just typing up what's in my mind right now!


Kelli said...

So you must of been the biggest outlaw in the game huh. Was it difficult playing on the other side?

rinns said...

Never played RDR due to mostly playing on PC. And I actually have to pay for the game if I want to play it :(

Everyone says its so good ;___;

Oliver.M said...

You should really but it, brilliant game, i actually have the highest Honour rating, so i get discounts in stores and stuff.