Monday, 11 April 2011

Starting to like Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced - GBA

Bought this game last year in the USA at Gamestop, I played for an hour and didn't play it again until the end of last week. I switched on my old DS Lite and popped the familiar grey cartridge into the gaping hole in the bottom of the system itself.

Well, I started off from where I last saved, which confused me as I didn't know quite where that was exactly. Anyway, I named my clan, the Enix Clan after Square Enix who designed the game and indeed the whole of the FF series to date. It's basically like FFXII: Revenant Wings except there's a sort of board like map screen and you have to travel to towns to accept missions then travel to the area where the mission is set to complete it. I've completed 8 missions so far and you get quite a lot of Gil from each one which helps to update my clam members' equipment via the local stores. There's dozens of different 'Jobs' that clan members can take such as Ninja, Soldier and Fencer. Each job has corrosponding equipment specifications meaning that you cannot equip certain things. For example, an Archer uses a bow, but if a Warrior were to try and equip a bow, it wouldn't be able to. For each kill a clam member makes, they gain JP, which I think stands for Job Points, or maybe Judge Points, I can't remember.

Some missions allow you to send one clan member away to do a mission, sort of like in AC: Brotherhood when you can send one of your assassins to do a mission which will mean he's gone for a certain amount of minutes. In FFTA the clan member is gone for a certain number of days. Days can be passed by moving around the map board.

This game is pretty fun to play so far, even though I've played a lot like it. But hey, who doesn't like a good Final Fantasy game!?


rinns said...

I've never played this one, keep me updated. n___n"

Oliver.M said...

Okey Dokey, i think it was 2003 it was released in, it's been great so far!

The Girl Gamer said...

I've heard that this game was good. Even my friend who is a Final Fantasy fan says that it was good and that I should get it. But I never have since I have been buying mostly console games than handheld.

- The Girl Gamer