Monday, 2 May 2011

Replaying Fallout: New Vegas

I sort of abandoned this game when I got Oblivion and now, returning to it after finishing Fallout 3 about a week back, I have no idea whatsoever about what I was supposed to be doing, what all my weapons were like, who I was even! So, I did the only sensible thing a gamer would do... started a new game, overwriting my old one!

Yeah, it felt pretty good doing that because if I continued from where I left off, i don't think I'd enjoy it as much, not knowing what I was doing and such. This time round I opted out of Hardcore mode (dropped a Gold Trophy for doing this, but it's a lot more fun to play when you don't have dehydration messsages popping up every 10 minutes!). I found a bunch of new weapons I never knew existed in my old save and have made better use of toolbenches and reloading benches, creating my own ammunition out of scrap materials. Skipping a whole lot, I'm level 19 now and instead of talking to Ceasar, leader of the Legion in his camp, I went in there and mass murdered every single evil scumbag in that camp. I actually killed Ceasar! I felt so amazing watching his head explode, I'm so sick! Errr... yeah, anyway, I won 32,000 caps on a slots machine by getting 3 oranges in a row... that was pretty cool too. Oh, yeah! I found this weapon shop called the 'Gun Runners'. The weapons there are in 100% condition and cost thousands, luckily those 3 oranges got me a lifetime supply of caps, well like a couple of days caps, but hey.


Daisy said...

Ooooh! Sounds like your having fun in New Vegas! :D

Kelli said...

I killed everyone in ceasar's legion too. IT WAS AWESOME. I guess the next time I play it I'm gonna be on their side so I can see the other side of the story... I hated the slots I always loose half the time.

Blake said...

Still waiting for the RPG bug to bite me.