Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New design, premium Minecraft and more Fallout 3

The title sums up all of what I did today, except purchase Minecraft, I did that last week!

Those of you that view my blog almost daily will have seen it change its look lots from the beginning of yesterday to the end of today. I wanted to give it a new style and make it look cleaner, fresher and overall more inviting, like Rinns' blog here. Her posts always look so neat *jealous look*, no really.
Anyway, being serious, I'm gonna stick with the way it looks now, it looks pretty cool to me!

I also bought a premium account for Minecraft about a week back now and have been playing it ever since. I'd played Minecraft around a friend's house before and played Alpha a couple of times and it's really great fun. If you don't know what Minecraft is by now, you're probably living under a rock or something. Read this because I really cannot be bothered to explain again! Yeah, sorry about that, lol! Continuing, I've found tonnes of Gold in a nearby cave system, some Diamond, Redstone and even some Lapis Lazuli. I've also built a nice wooden house made with 450+ wooden blocks. I might post some screenshots soon. Down from the house is a small port that houses 4 boats. If I want to adventure overseas, that's the place to go! I tried playing MC online today but the lag was unbelievable!

The rest of the day was spent finding a Crutch, a Fission Battery, a Steam Gauge Assembly and a Pressure Cooker to build a Railway Rifle on Fallout 3. The crutch took me ages to find but I tracked one down in an abandoned building where an old man was sniping me... (Random, I know right! I hate old man snipers!).
The Fission Battery and the Steam Gauge Assembly I found in a Robotics Repair Centre and the Pressure Cooker I found in the kitchen-basement in a Super Mutant infested Police Station. Anyway, more to the point of the gun. It uses Railway Spikes you may so happen to stumble across in your adventures as ammunition and fires them at such speeds that they physically rip off limbs from your enemies and pin them to the wall. I found this out when I shot a lonely old lady in the head and her headless body dropped to the floor, consequently making me scream in surprise when I saw her wrinkley face staring at me 10ft away on the opposite wall of the house. *takes a deep breath*. Now that was frickin' awesome the first time I did that I tell you!


rinns said...

It looks great in here :D
The abandoned building with the old man sniper? That's where all the mines are right? You gotta collect a bunch for Moira?
Yeah, on my first ever game I went there and mines started exploding around me and I was freaking out and some guy was shooting at me. It was a very traumatic experience!

Oliver.M said...

XD! Yeah, he was kinda freaky I killed him during the Moira mission as well, I went up to him and I think I killed him with a Ripper or something ;)

Blake said...

yeah, still messing around with PAcroid design aswell....well messing, just thinking really....but thinking really hard..damn hard.

Daisy said...

Love the new layout! :)