Monday, 18 April 2011

Nearly finished Phantom Hourglass

If you've been reading this blog since December then you'll probably know I purchased Phantom Hourglass in Gamestop back then last year. I got a little confused and consequently stuck whilst near the end. But... yesterday I played it again and found my way past the bit I was stuck on... yay!

Anyway... I'm definitely near the end now and I am just about the retrieve the last pure metal, Aquarine, and forge the ultimate sword that will kill this evil boss guy. Yeah, so, I'm looking forward to kicking his ass. I've already got the hammer which practically kills everything in 1 hit from anywhere on the screen. This game is awesome, but the puzzley theme is starting to where off. I mean, every island is just a maze and you have to keep doing the same things over and over. You know, like throwing bombs and using the bow and arrow. It gets kinda samey. It's a very fun game though. Purchase this or its sequel, Spirit Tracks, if you haven't already.

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