Friday, 15 April 2011

Gamingheap Special - Vanquishing Darkspawn in Dragon Age: Origins - PS3 (Part 1)

Gamingheap Special -
Vanquishing Darkspawn in Dragon Age Origins


Well, I purchased this for £9.00 in Gamestar today. It's was quite a run down shop, but it has tons of preowned games and at really cheap prices it's a decent store.

So far it's actually a decent game. It plays like a normal RPG, leveling up by getting experience from enemies, you know... but the cool thing is you get to select the "Origin" of your character. Depending on what Race (Human, Elf or Dwarf) and Class (Warrior, Mage or Rogue) you chose for your character at the beginning, the game will determine how the story starts. As far as I know there is little difference in the story between the Race and Classes after you've started the game apart from various plot-line changes. Each Class allows you to obtain different skills to learn and master in combat. You can equip weapons and armour, use potions, talk to your party members and I even got my pet dog to lick me clean of blood after I killed some Giant Rats trespassing in the larder!
Yeah... anyway, my guy has this awesome beard I upped his strength stat so basically he looks really scary. Shame about the crappy armour you get at the beginning though. I'm going to save up for some better armour soon. I also made it into this forest where I was told to collect 3 vials of Darkspawn Blood and some enchanted treaty papers.
I've found that when I confront enemies in battles, there are quite a few enemies, usually around 8 or more so far. This proves to be quite a challenge which I enjoy in an RPG as it tests my skills.

I'm enjoying this game so far, although it doesn't seem to be anything too special. I'm looking more forward to TES V: Skyrim which comes out on November 11th... so does Minecraft!


rinns said...

I <3 DA:o
I even did a review on it :3

I like the fact that it's a classic rpg, like baulders gate and temple of elemental evil. I hadn't played an rpg like that for years and it was awesome.
Too bad DA:2 wasn't like that :(

Oliver.M said...

^^^ read it :D

Kelli said...

I'm looking forward to Skyrim too... EEEEEEEK! sorry I get so excited.