Monday, 16 January 2012

Zombie Skull, Meet Hammer!

His head will explode in 3...2...1...
I've been playing a fair bit of Dead Island today. As you can tell from the name, if you haven't heard about the game already, it takes place on an island (Banoi) in Australia where a freak zombie apocalypse has infected the local populace. You are one of 4 people that happen to be immune to the virus and therefore stand a much better chance at cracking open their mouldy skulls, which of course is what the game is all about.

The island is surprisingly big loads of buildings you can break into to take supplies or meet people and do quests.   There are weapons literally everywhere you look and there are so many of them, whether it be a hammer, a sickle, knives, baseball bats and even boating oars you can use all of them to bludgeon helpless animated corpses! The story is pretty weak, nobody knows where the virus came from or how it spread so fast and you don't know how you're immune (although that is probably revealed later on i'm guessing). At least the gameplay is highly satisfying! You can break any part of a zombie's body if you hit it hard enough - you can sever limbs, decapitate or just stab them in the stomach if you so wish. The physics work great and the combat is mostly fluent with the zombies falling in realistic ways. Sometimes it can feel clunky and repetitive like you're just mashing the shoulder buttons but for the most part its highly satisfying to see zombie brains splatter onto the ground.

I want to spend quite a lot of time on this game in the future, I've always liked the whole survival aspect in zombie themed video-games and this one seems to hit it right on the nail.


The Girl Gamer said...

I guess I should play this game next once I'm done with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Been wanting to kill some zombies anyways lol. =P

- The Girl Gamer

Daisy said...

K. That's it. Next game I'll purchase will be this 1.