Saturday, 14 January 2012

Added Dual-Sidebars

A little change to the blog - I noticed it was taking forever to scroll down the page and look at all of the stuff in the right-sidebar at the bottom of the blog. So, I took the liberty of expanding the width of the blog and adding a new left-sidebar. I haven't had dual-sidebars for well over a year. I think it makes the blog look a little more pro which is good! I also added the 'Follow By Email' feed on the left so anyone who likes reading Gamingheap can subscribe and receive email notifications about new updates. I'm also thinking of trying out Twitter, perhaps I'll tell you what i think of it tomorrow!


The Girl Gamer said...

Good thing you added that feature because it was a pain to scroll all the way down to view everything. =) Looks great!

- The Girl Gamer

Oliver M said...

Oh good! I thought it may have just been me that thought that was annoying hehehe!