Monday, 30 January 2012

Gamingheap Special: SKYRIM - Part 5

 Gamingheap Special: SKYRIM 

Part 5


I have now (finally) hit 100 hours + of total Skyrim gameplay, a respectable amount I believe seeing as there is said to be over 300 hours worth of gameplay. I decided to follow more of the main quest, so much so that I have only a single quest to complete until I have finished the main story. However, I will most likely stay true to Elder Scrolls tradition and finish that last story quest after I have finished everything else!

One of the quests saw me delve deep into a dwarven ruin to...


transcribe a blank lexicon and retrieve an elder scroll!

This took a fair amount of time as it was a sprawling labyrinth of a dungeon filled with locked gates and small nooks and crannies to explore. As I progressed through the dungeon I came across several journals and their deceased owners laying next to them (covered in blood of course!). Reading the said journals told the story of how a small expedition crew came to seek treasure in these ruins but a violent storm stopped them from getting back out again. The later journals and the bodies nearby told the story of how slowly each and everyone of them got picked off one by one by the blind Falmer that dwell in within. I think this sort of 'side-story' is really cool to see and adds to the game making it so much more than a bland and repetitive dungeon adventure. This style is actually used so much in the game in lots of detail; it is very impressive!

The next quest saw me...


Capture a dragon in Whiterun and interrogate it to find out where Alduin fled to after I defeated him atop The Throat of The World in the previous quest.

During these quests I obtained a substantial amount of soul-gems which I really want to use to further level my enchanting skill. I've also been fooling around with pick-pocketing something I never really did on Oblivion (kind of ironic seeing as my character is a sneak-bowman!). I like the inventive skills such as Smithing, Alchemy and Enchanting the most as they seem to pay off the most and it's fun to collect the ingredients and ores etc. needed to forge certain items.

Strangely enough, I have played so much of this game but I still don't know how I will shape out its review or how it's going to come out. I will probably piece it sometime this week or next. One thing I'm not sure whether to do is to compare Skyrim to Oblivion. They are obviously both outstanding games but I just don't think it is fair to do so as everyone is going to have different opinions and as Todd Howard himself said: There's always going to be people that say 'oh Oblivion was the best' or 'Morrowind was better'. Anyhow, until then I will probably keep updating this series. I hope you are enjoying it!


GamesAndBiz said...

Another good write up there :)

The thing I liked most about Skyrim will sound funny, but it's the books. Over 5 games, the Elder Scrolls series has developed a real sense of lore and history about it, and the books do a brilliant job of converying that.

Indeed I've spent hours just reading the books at times.

And the developers had fun with it too. The choose-you-own-adventure game book that I discovered god only knows where was laugh out loud funny.

Daisy said...

Sounds funn!!! :D

Zack said...
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Zack said...

Hi my name is Zack and I run the blog Nintendo Gamer Thoughts at I just found your blog and was interested in seeing if you would do a link exchange. Like you I'm also a teenager (high school freshman) and it is nice to read the view point of someone younger. Thanks for reading this comment and keep up the great work!

Oliver M said...

Yeah I agree, the lore in the Elder Scrolls series is definitely the number one contributing factor to why I love it so much! It makes it so much more than just a non-generic dungeon sprawler. I believe the book you spoke of is 'Kolb and the Dragon', awesome stuff!

Thanks man! I'll be sure to check your blog out too :)

Thanks for all the nice comments guys, makes my day when someone just drops a few words on my blog :)

Chalgyr Vokel said...

Another entertaining piece to read about. I logged about 6 straight Skyrim hours the other day after reading your last post. :) Sooo much to do and see.

Oliver M said...

Thanks :)
I know what you mean! I'm always thinking 'Oh I'll just play an hour of Skyrim before dinner' or something and then I end up playing for triple that! It's so easy to just get sidetracked haha.