Friday, 13 January 2012

Scared in Space

So I recently started playing Dead Space, the sci-fi/horror third-person shooter that appeared on the gaming scene roughly 3 years ago. I heard a few people talk about it and had read some posts on other people's blogs about it but had never tried it myself. I suppose the main reason was: I don't really have a good history with scary video-games. Ever since I played Ghost Hunter on the PS2 (I actually managed to finish it) which involved too many scary monsters, ghosts and overall disturbing things (including giant mutant teddy bears and dead witches in rocking chairs) I have never really been too keen to return to the world of 'jump out of your seat' scary gaming. So what possessed me to purchase both Dead Space and it's sequel Dead Space 2, I don't quite know!

Lucky I did though, Dead Space can only be described as a game that creates the most suspenseful and seriously frightening moments just by using a combination of darkness, scary music and disturbing alien sounds! There are times when you will think it is safe - the lights are all on, there's no music; nothing to make you think you're unsafe - then you'll walk forward into a small room and a necromorph alien will smash through an air vent and maul your face off! Scary moments also include eerie sounds and music and hearing the scratching of the aliens but not being able to see them. It's also frightening when the lights are flickering on and off and all you can hear is the screaming off aliens, not being able to get an accurate shot to kill them.

The combat is really fun and is highly strategic! The only way you can kill the aliens is to sever their limbs whether it be their arms, legs, tails or tentacles if they have them. All of the enemies are really fast and can close a far distance between you and them in a second. This requires you to be both quick, before the enemies can deal damage and accurate so as you don't waste ammo on their torso's or heads. If there is a small room with lots of enemies it's likely they will overpower Isaac and clutch at his body. It's at these points you must tap the X button repeatedly or face having your torso torn from your legs or you head implode on itself! There is also melee - left and right hooks and a nasty kick - which knock most enemies away from you stunning them and giving you enough time to get a few shots in. The kick will also smash open storage crates and other objects which hide ammunition and health packs.

The story's okay, but the game's more focused on creating the suspenseful scary moments. One cool thing is zero-gravity areas where you can jump onto walls etc. and the use of telekinesis; moving heavy objects out of your path or putting power cells into electric outlets. The graphics are impressive for 2008 but are of course mediocre compared to the progression in visuals that has happened since.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

I haven't played Dead Space 2 yet, but I picked up the first on a bit of a whim and absolutely loved it - I gave it quite the glowing review some time ago on my blog. I also played and reviewed Dead Space: Extraction - but it was a fun, if different kind of animal (first person, on-rails shooter for the Wii). Excellent franchise though and I fully plan to pick up and play #2 when I make more of a dent in my gaming backlog.

Excellent article though, and I'm glad you too are enjoying it!

The Girl Gamer said...

Another game that I have in my backlog list. I have Dead Space, but still haven't started yet. I also need to get Dead Space 2. I'm in no rush to play this game yet since I need to prepare myself on the moments where I get scared by an alien/monster popping out in front of me. I expect it's like Doom 3 and that game had me jumping a lot lol.

- The Girl Gamer

Playmobil Airport said...

This game totally rocks the game space of my house.
I like all the elements of it! I admire the creators!