Sunday, 15 January 2012

Trying to Platinum Saints Row: The Third

I spent most of today working through various activities and side-missions in Saints Row: The Third trying to get trophies and eventually the platinum. There are some tough trophies to get however and I need to play through the game again and make different choices to get some of the trophies. I raised enough money to buy the collectibles map upgrade which allows me to see where every collectible in the game is on the map. I spent 30 minutes flying around on a hover-bike and managed to collect 40 of the 80 collectibles bagging myself a bronze for getting over 25% of them. I'll get another trophy when I get all 80. One thing that's slowing me down is various bugs and glitches. I am supposed to liberate all of the hoods to get a gold trophy but some of the activities I need to do to achieve this are not showing up on the map and indeed in the game. Hopefully it's just a random bug that'll sort itself out otherwise I won't be able to get that gold!


Kelli said...

I heard that they took alot out of the game that they had in the 2nd one like some of the missions and stuff. That is what made it interesting to me, and I always wonder if it is worth buying...... what do you think?

Oliver M said...

I think its a good game to buy if you like the third-person-shooter and openworld combo. There's less clothes and a few other things and the story is pathetically short but it is a game designed for maximum fun when playing. Plus the car modding rocks! I say buy it if you see it cheap.