Tuesday, 22 March 2011

System Reboot... Whoops!

Yeah, well I tried to do a system restore/reboot on my laptop and I kind of messed up WinVista and a load of Drivers and now my laptop's going to the Laptop Store for repairs - nice one Oli! Anyway, I hope it gets fixed nice and quickly so I can carry on posting here without too much of a delay. I've decided i'm going to take German and Geography for my GSCE's. But that's not it! I'm also going to be taking an I.T. Diploma course at another college not too far away. It includes all of the advanced stuff for computer geeky people like me, or would you call me a nerd? Anyway, my followers list has finally reached 10! ... yes I know, said right? This is the first time I've blogged specifically about the site for a long time, so it's good to get a load of this stuff off my chest.

I'll post again when my laptop's fixed or if that's too long i'll post from this PC instead. See ya later!


Daisy said...

I had to reboot my netbook last week and put 64 bit windows in it so my upgraded ram would work. Took ages for me to find all my drivers online and install them. My sound stuffs up from time to time when I'm streaming online music/videos errr it's not meant to but w/e its kinda funny. Good luck with your laptop and your studies!

Kelli said...

congrats on your followers, there will be many more to come:)