Monday, 14 March 2011

Battlefield: Bad Company - PS3

I bought this yesterday in Gamestation for £7.99, which is a decent price for what i've experienced so far!

Battlefield: Bad Company plays a lot like Call Of Duty but has a freeroaming side to it. Your allowed to freely explore the large-ish environments where the battles take place, collecting spare ammo and new rare weapons before heading to the next checkpoint and continuing with the story. The storyline is great so far, and fairly funny. It follows 4 former-criminals who instead of serving there time, choose to join the army in the "Bad Company" division. Bad Company is home to all the outlaws and misfits and is generally known as expendable. You play as Preston, the new guy, who is placed with 3 other squadmates, Sweetwater (the nerdy one), Haggard (Hi-Explosives expert) and Redford (Your in-game Seargeant). The game is built with a special next-gen "Frostbite" engine which allows you to blow up the environment to alter the course of the battle. Basically, you can grab an RPG and blow a whole in a wall instead of suing the front door... sweet!

There's a variety of classes for online mode (which i've been playing a whole lot of), including Demolition, Sniper and Assault. There's lots of vehicles as well and it's epic online when you're stuck in a a tank battle or launching missiles to hinder the oppositions ground troops from a helicopter-gunship. Instead of being sent back to your last checkpoint when you die and having to redo it again. Your sent back to the checkpoint in real-time after you died. In other words, if you just blew up a building and killed 5 russian soldiers then got blown to bits, the Russians are still dead and the building's still wrecked when you respawn! Also, instead of health regen you have to inject yourself with an Epi-pen thing which automatically restores all of your health. You have to but this with credits online when you level up.

Anyway, it's a great game so far and the trophies are once again, rolling in!

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