Thursday, 24 March 2011

Laptop Repaired... Sort Of...

Yes, well, I found my laptop in its bag in my room when I got home this afternoon. I was just like "Woohoo!". Now that everything has been wiped from it, I have to start all over again and consequently had to download a load of stuff. They only fixed the damaged/missing drivers so I still have to return it in 5 days so they can repair the faulty wiring in the screen. Cost £70, complete rip-off in my opinion for just one wire!

Not much on the gaming side believe it or not. Seeing as my room is also being completely refurnished, I can't use my PS3 for the moment, which really does suck! I might try and set it up downstairs in the study. The screen's bigger in there too!


Kelli said...

ah, the fun part about wiping your computer clean.... reloading all the programs, lol. But at least your computer will run better :)

SuperNESFighter said...

Do you got the 3DS?